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How your brain can stop you choosing the right candidate

People are naturally biased, which means even when you intend to be completely fair, your brain has a hard time remaining impartial. Cognitive biases are the inherent thinking assumptions and short cuts that humans make in processing information; the mental stumbling blocks that can affect our behaviour and can prevent us acting in our own best interests. Typical effects of cognitive bias include being too quick to jump to a decision and ignoring contradictory evidence, being overly zealous...

Author: Rob Hayter
Published: 15 Sep 2016

Personal branding: raising your profile as a future leader

Rob Hayter from TPP Recruitment and Imogen Ward from Lessons for Life presented at the 2015 Institute of Fundraising Annual Convention. You can view the slides below. Effective fundraisers are excellent at promoting the organisation they work for and they valuable work it does for the community, yet they tend to be less skilled at publicising their own profiles and successes and senior appointments tend to come from outside the organisation.  Rob and Imogen talked about the best ways to ma...

Author: Rob Hayter
Published: 29 Jul 2015

8 top tips for combating interview nerves

It is completely natural to feel anxious before a job interview; it is not something most people do regularly and success could lead to your dream job or a big increase in salary. Nerves can make you blank out, babble, fidget and sweat. Here are our top tips to shaking off those nerves and walking into your interview confidently. 1. Prepare, prepare and prepare some more You will be much more confident if you have prepared for the interview, looked up practice questions and informatio...

Author: Rob Hayter
Published: 08 Jun 2015

    Why conflict is good and four ways to manage it

    The thought of conflict in their team makes many people uncomfortable; it’s seen as a negative and something to steer clear of. But in reality, it is important to embrace conflict as one of the best ways of keeping your team productive. In this month’s blog post we look at why conflict can be good and four ways to manage it positively. Advantages of conflict Can stimulate discussion among staff and encourage them all to contribute Can foster creativity as new solutions have...

    Author: Rob Hayter
    Published: 14 May 2015

    Nine ways to make your employees love you again and one that won't!

    The most driven employees can be the hardest to retain and keep motivated. Historically, recognising and rewarding employees was simply seen as a nice thing to do, but now organisations know that in order to attract and retain staff they need to think strategically about rewarding employees in line with their goals. This month we have compiled a list of our top nine cost effective ways to motivate and show your employees the love, as well as one ineffective method. A simple ‘thank you...

    Author: Rob Hayter
    Published: 16 Feb 2015