Looking for a new temporary role?

TPP have been successfully placing temporary workers to non-profit and public sector organisations for over 26 years.

Whether you are looking for your first temporary assignment or if you are an experienced temporary professional, TPP have a variety of roles within charities, education and membership organisations. 

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What we can offer you

There’s a wide variety of reasons why temping can provide valuable experience at any stage of your career, such as flexibility and learning new skills and there are additional benefits temping through TPP. 

We have a wide variety of temporary roles within non-profit and public sector organisations.

We offer competitive pay rates with weekly pay/holiday pay, plus overtime rates for some roles.

You can work flexibly, with hours that suit you - including part-time, full-time and shift work. 

You will have a friendly temp consultant to support you, plus exposure to other divisions if you are also looking for permanent work.

Frequently asked questions by temporary workers

When offered an assignment you will be told the following:

  • The skills required for the assignment
  • The duration of the assignment

  • Working hours required

  • Hourly Pay Rate (excluding holiday pay)

  • Location of the company

  • Nature of organisation

  • Line Manager/point of contact

Once you have accepted the assignment you must endeavour to complete the booking. If you have any problems or queries during the assignment then talk to your Consultant who placed you.

Check in with your Consultant on your first day, if possible, with your direct line number so we can contact you easily should we need to.

If for any reason you are sick or running late then please call your Consultant before you are due to start work that day so that they can inform the client with as much notice as possible.

It is important that we get your signed timesheets on time so that we can manage payroll. Here is our process:

  • You must submit your timesheet online by no later than Monday 2pm following the week worked. To do this, please visit https://tpp.timesheetportal.com or click through on the reminder emails sent from the portal.

  • Your timesheet will be sent automatically to your selected approver. They must approve the timesheet by Monday 4pm (following the week worked). Payment for timesheets authorised after 4pm on a Monday may be delayed.

  • Provided your timesheet is approved on time, we will send the net payment to your account by that Friday (i.e. the Friday following the week worked).

Subject to certain qualifying criteria, you may be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay. Please contact your consultant for further information.

You will accrue holiday leave (and related holiday pay) when you work on assignment through TPP. Full time workers will get 5.6 weeks (28 days) inclusive of UK Bank Holidays, part-time workers will accrue holiday on a pro-rata basis.

Holiday pay accumulates on top of your basic pay rate – we will pay this to you when you take your holiday.

Unlike some agencies, TPP does not roll your holiday pay into your hourly pay. We will pay you holiday pay when you take holiday – after all we want you to take the holiday you’ve earned and have the money to do so. So if another agency offers you a higher rate make sure you know if that includes holiday pay or not, because if it does the ‘real’ hourly rate may be the same as (or even less than) TPP is offering you.

If you are taking holiday and want to request this as paid leave, you must submit your application for leave online via tpp.timesheetportal.com at least one week IN ADVANCE of taking leave.

Please note that Bank Holidays are part of your statutory holiday entitlement, and will also need to be applied for online. If at the time of requesting holiday you have not accrued enough holiday pay to cover the full period of your holiday leave we will pay out everything that you have accrued so far.

Automatic enrolment is a Government initiative to help more people save for later life through a pension scheme at work. It makes it compulsory for employers to automatically enrol their eligible workers into a pension scheme. The employer must also pay money into the scheme. 

Following government legislation, every employee has a one calendar month period after being auto enrolled into a pension scheme, where they can choose to opt out. An employee can also opt out outside this period, but may not be eligible for a short service refund.

For details on how to opt out, visit the NOW:Pensions website.

If you would like more information, please contact our accounts team on accounts@tpp.co.uk or 020 7198 6190.

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