Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Grant

Applications are now closed!

Is your organisation committed to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I)?

TPP are looking to partner with an organisation that understands the business case for ED&I initiatives and inclusive recruitment, but may not know where to start, or have started but need support with the next steps and ongoing initiatives.

  • Do you believe that ED&I will improve and enhance your brand, talent pipeline, productivity, innovation and retention?
  • Are you and your organisation committed to driving change?
  • Are you open to learning, discovery and challenge to get the best outcomes?
  • Have you got an upcoming recruitment campaign that you would like free support with?

If the answer is yes, and you would welcome the support and guidance of a specialist recruitment partner to help enhance your existing recruitment processes to make it more inclusive, then we would love to hear from you.  


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Not sure if this grant opportunity is for you? 

Why not read our compelling case studies, showcasing how we supported our previous grant winners. You will learn more about the process, outcomes and benefits they have reported because of our collaboration with them.  

By applying for an inclusive recruitment grant, you could be gifted with support in the form of a financial grant, up to the value of £5,000, to spend on a new, exclusive recruitment campaign*, plus free attendance to three specialist webinars by ED&I experts, Inclusive Employers, to the value of over £260. More importantly, you will benefit from partnering with an experienced, specialist account management team who will support and guide you every step of the way.

How will we do this? 

We want to understand how ED&I supports the vision and mission of your organisation, establish what you are looking to achieve, and how we can work in partnership delivering to your ED&I objectives.  

Once we understand this, there are other more practical steps we can take, some of which are listed below:

  • Take a job brief based on the outcomes you are looking to achieve from this role
  • Review the job description and advise on making it as inclusive as possible
  • Assist with identifying any potential barriers (past or present) to attracting diverse talent
  • Review current recruitment processes and adopt the most relevant and effective inclusive recruitment processes, where applicable
  • Consider most relevant options available for reaching the widest talent pool
  • Design a dedicated microsite optimised with an accessibility tool (Recite Me) if required, and role dependant
  • If required, assist with applying positive action
  • Assist with identifying risks of unconscious bias influencing the process
  • Provide honest, constructive feedback on the candidate experience
  • Provide tailored equal opportunities monitoring statistics for your campaign

All with the aim of allowing you to choose the best and most suitable candidate for the role.
For more detail on practical steps and options, please download our popular Inclusive Recruitment Guide.  
We believe working in this collaborative way with TPP will facilitate a learning journey that will enhance your organisation’s ability to adopt or strengthen best practice approaches to inclusive recruitment and will demonstrate your commitment to ED&I through taking action.
We also ask to work in partnership with you to build a compelling and insightful case study to showcase the benefits of adopting an inclusive recruitment process and why doing things differently, can lead to better recruitment outcomes. This will allow us to share your story, allowing other organisations to learn from you and bring further awareness to your organisation’s important and valued cause.
Want to know more about the application and selection process?
You can apply again if you have previously applied to other grants.
Application consists of 9 questions.
We are interested in supporting organisations at different stages of their ED&I journey and will access the applications accordingly. We will NOT use the following as selection criteria: role type or level, previous recruitment history, potential future business, or profile/size of organisation.
The selection panel will comprise representatives from TPP Recruitment and an external representative from Inclusive Employers, to ensure an objective assessment process and fair outcome.
Closing date for entrants: 5pm on 7th November 2023.
Successful entrant notified: 21st November 2023.
If you are interested in finding out more or have any questions, simply contact us

Alternatively, you can apply right now! Download the application form below. 

Your completed application should be emailed to with the subject line: Paid Staff Vacancy Grant & Organisation name before 5pm on the 7th November 2023.

TPP is committed to our ED&I journey and addressing diversity and inclusion in our own industry. Following the findings from a recent survey conducted by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation in partnership with APSCo, there certainly is evidence to suggest that the recruitment industry has room for improvement, as is true of many sectors and industries.  TPP will remain committed to playing our part in improving diversity within our industry and those we serve and are very proud to report that we have recently been shortlisted as a RIDI Awards finalist for the category of ‘Inclusive Recruiter of the Year’.

You can find out more about our commitment and how we actively support ED&I here
Why partner with TPP?

  • REC Audited Status – externally audited for compliance and best practice standards
  • Members of Inclusive Employers
  • RIDI Awards Finalist – ‘Inclusive Recruiter of the Year’
  • RNIB Visibly Better Employer
  • Disability Committed
  • REC – Inclusive Recruiter Finalist 2023
  • TPP website is fully optimised for accessibility with ReciteMe
  • TPP is a Flexa Accredited Employer 
  • Established since 1996 – trusted & reputable brand
  • TPP ED&I events schedule with specialist hosts
  • ED&I Trained consultants 


*Terms and conditions:

Applications for the Altogether Better – TPP Inclusive Recruitment Grant (Paid staff vacancy) are open to any non-profit organisation and made via the relevant form on the TPP website.  Applications close on 7th November 2023 at 5pm. The TPP awarding panel will review applications and select one organisation to receive this grant.  TPP’s decision is final.  The grant is one per organisation, for one agreed specific new vacancy, and non-transferable. The successful organisation will work with TPP on an exclusive/sole agency basis and will receive recruitment support and advice to ensure an inclusive recruitment process and agree to a case study that can be publicly used for marketing and promotional purposes.  The grant is valid for 4 months from the awarding date, with instruction given to TPP within this validity period.  The Inclusive Employer’s webinars are not exchangeable for cash or any other service. The grant covers TPP’s normal recruitment fee terms up to £5,000, no cash equivalent is available.  Should the invoice (eg salary @ 20%) exceed the grant amount, then the additional balance is due for payment. If applicable, rebate terms only apply on additional monies paid. All other terms apply, TPP reserve the right to alter the terms.



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