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Two Point Six Challenge

Two Point Six Challenge

With the cancellation of thousands of UK fundraising events and billions lost in income, TPP Recruitment took part in the 2.6 challenge. Twenty-six challenges were set between the 26th and 30th April to help raise money towards our £2,600 fundraising target to support UK charities and the clients we work with.

We have been running, cycling, knitting, baking, squatting, cartwheeling, tea-bag throwing, skipping and much more. You can see the challenges we set for the team below. 

With a great team effort and your generous donations TPP have smashed our £2,600 target and raised money for the following charities: 

Alzheimer's Society
NHS Charities Together
The Prince's Trust

You can follow the 2.6 Challenge using the hashtag #TwoPointSixChallenge and we have posted photos and videos on our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels.


1. Walk/ Run / Cycle 2.6 or 26 miles

2. Up and down the stairs 26 times

3. 26 minute silence

4. 26 Push Ups

5. Juggle for 26 minutes/ 26 times

6. 2.6 minute plank

7. Complete the teabag challenge 26 times

8. 2.6 hours of painting

9. 2.6 hours of no phone/ social media

10. 26 Cartwheels

11. 2.6 minutes of skipping

12. Make 26 Cupcakes

13. 26 photos on your daily walk/ around the house

14. 2.6 minutes of squats

15. 26 goals (football/ netball/ basketball)

16. 2.6 minutes of or 26 star jumps

17. Make 26 origami shapes

18. Learn 26 words in a different language

19. Build 26 different Lego structures

20. Give up your favourite food for 26 days or try 26 new foods/recipes

21. 26 trick challenge for dogs

22. Read a new book for 26 minutes, 26 times in 2.6 days

23. Puzzle-a-thon: 26 puzzles/ sudokus / word searches in a day

24. Knit 26 squares

25. Sing 26 songs in a day

26. Nominate 26 friends to do the 2.6 challenge, donate £2.60 and pass on to another 26 friends