10 top non-profit and charity jobs

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Joe Treacy

By Joe Treacy

While it is true that the various crises of the last couple of years have had a detrimental impact on the sector, those in top non-profit and charity jobs are proving that they can adapt. Many have moved their services online, and up to 40% have dipped into their reserve funds to ensure that they can continue helping those in need. 

Given the bleak economic outlook due to inflationary pressures, many are predicting that charitable corporate donations will be cut. To combat these grim forecasts, it is crucial for charities to hire stand-out professionals with the skill, passion, and drive to steer the charity and non-profit sector toward new heights.

We are well aware of the vital work that charities and non-profit organisations are doing, and that’s why it’s so important for us to support them in attracting and identifying the best talent. 

In this guide, we aim to give you an idea of the kind of career paths you can pursue in the charity sector. We’ll look at 10 of the top most searched for non-profit and charity jobs shaping the sector, examining each role’s core skills and day-to-day responsibilities. 

1. Philanthropy Manager 

Philanthropy Managers play a vital role in a charity’s operations. They are tasked with managing donor outreach, fundraising, and other philanthropic activities that ensure the charity raises as much as possible. The ideal candidate should be decisive, versatile, and possess exceptional written and verbal communication skills. 

Philanthropy Manager job responsibilities include: 

  • Manage a portfolio of donors and ensure that strong, long-standing relationships are maintained
  • Forge new relationships with prospective donors
  • Collaborate with marketing departments to develop a communications strategy 
  • Pioneer new initiatives to increase donations 

As well as displaying leadership qualities and excellent interpersonal skills, the perfect candidate will ideally have some managerial and voluntary experience. Dedication to the cause is also a must for charity jobs like this. 

 2. Fundraising Coordinator

Responsible for managing and overseeing fundraising activities, Fundraising Coordinators play a key role in positively affecting a charity’s bottom line. They champion initiatives intended to raise money through donations and sponsorships while communicating with potential new donors in order to generate revenue. 

Fundraising Coordinator job responsibilities include: 

  • Implement fundraising initiatives in accordance with best practices 
  • Coordinate and participate in campaigns and appeals that encourage donors to continue making all-important financial contributions 
  • Organising by creating timelines and schedules to stick to deadlines 
  • Communicate with new, established, and prospective donors online and in-person

Suitable candidates will display a passion for charitable causes and outstanding organisation and communication qualities. They should have a wealth of voluntary and fundraising experience too. 

3. Director of Communications 

It is paramount for charities and non-profit organisations to deliver a clear and concise message. The Director of Communications is in charge of managing a charity’s messaging and communication strategy by overseeing press releases, social media posts, campaign newsletters, and other types of content. 

Director of Communications job responsibilities include: 

  • Oversee the writing and editing of internal and external comms, ensuring that all content expresses the charity’s values and tone of voice 
  • Attend and host speaking engagements
  • Forging and maintaining relationships with media outlets 
  • Implement communications strategies in response to challenging and unexpected situations 

To be an effective Director of Communications, not only will you need to possess outstanding oral and written communication skills, but you’ll need to be a quick thinker and effective problem-solver too. You’ll be expected to lead a team of communication, marketing, and design professionals, so leadership skills are also key. An essential aspect of this charity job is ensuring that all communications are on-brand and represent the organisation’s ethos. 

4. Event Manager 

Networking at fundraising events is vital when it comes to forging relationships with potential donors, and that’s what makes the job of an Event Manager so essential. They are responsible for arranging fundraisers that promote a charity’s brand, all while adhering to the budget. 

Event Manager job responsibilities include: 

  • Coordinate fundraising events within time and budgetary restraints 
  • Collaborating with clients to identify their preferences
  • Organise all aspects of the fundraiser or party, such as decor, catering, guest list, and promotional material
  • Ensure that the event reflects the charity’s cause and values

Stand-out Event Managers must be dynamic and pay close attention to all aspects of fundraising organisation, from managing the budget to overseeing communication with clients. In addition to possessing superlative organisation and interpersonal skills, suitable candidates should demonstrate their commitment to the charity’s cause. This charity job would be perfect for candidates who are confident, analytical, and passionate about furthering their organisation’s cause. 

5. Compliance Officer 

For non-profit organisations and charities, having a dedicated Compliance Officer to ensure they operate within government guidelines is necessary. They are instrumental in helping staff to understand and abide by regulations, to ensure that organisations do not receive unwelcome penalties. 

Compliance Officer job responsibilities include: 

  • Routinely carry out audits to check up on an organisation’s procedures and practices 
  • Identify areas of improvement and offer advice regarding how a charity or non-profit organisation can better follow guidelines
  • Make sure that employees are up to date regarding the latest government guidelines 
  • Implement and oversee action plans designed to address and remove compliance infringements 

Those who wish to work as a Compliance Officer for a charity or non-profit organisation should demonstrate a passion for charitable causes as well as possess the requisite skills. Swift problem-solving abilities, leadership prowess, and project management skills are essential attributes for the role.   

6. Chief Executive Officer 

Leading a charity or non-profit organisation is no easy feat, especially given the current economic climate. The role of a Chief Executive Officer requires excellent managerial abilities, communication skills, financial savvy, and in-depth knowledge of the charity’s brand. For your organisation to go from strength to strength, it is essential you appoint someone with the right skills and experience to lead the organisation and drive its future prosperity. 

Chief Executive Officer job responsibilities include: 

  • Work with other senior leaders to promote and strengthen an organisation’s reputation 
  • Collaborating with Chief Financial Officers to create annual budgets
  • Keep the board of directors up to date with the latest news
  • Implementing short and long-term strategies in accordance with the directors’ vision and goals

The ideal candidate needs to have an exceptional skill set to succeed in this role. Effective communication, strong leadership, and dynamic thinking are all essentials, and experience in leading and motivating staff should also be a prerequisite for applicants.  

7. Director of Marketing 

Visibility is crucial for charities who want to make their brand all the more recognisable, and it is up to the Director of Marketing to spearhead that goal. They work with the rest of the marketing team to come up with a brand identity that best suits their organisation and promote it via social media, PR campaigns, and other means. 

Director of Marketing job responsibilities include: 

  • Provide leadership for the marketing team by giving direction on work priorities, conducting training sessions, and offering feedback
  • Supervise all aspects of the marketing department, including social media, print, market research, direct marketing, and more
  • Champion an environment of collaboration and success
  • Always look out for new ways to promote the charity’s brand

Prospective Marketing Directors should be able to demonstrate an impressive track record in leading marketing campaigns. As well as displaying exquisite leadership and decisiveness, they should also be effective communicators with a passion for the cause their charity represents.  

8. Social Media Manager 

Brand visibility is an important part of any organisation’s marketing strategy, and to achieve this, it is essential to effectively utilise social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become part of our everyday digital lives, so using them as a marketing tool is a necessity. The Social Media Manager’s job is to promote the organisation’s values and identity while driving engagement and gaining more followers. 

Social Media Manager job responsibilities: 

  • Create and oversee social media strategies 
  • Oversee the running of all social media channels
  • Design eye-catching and engaging content across a range of platforms 
  • Spearhead competitions and campaigns designed to generate more engagement 

Social Media Managers don’t necessarily need any formal qualifications, but a degree in advertising, marketing, public relations, or another related subject would be desirable. The ideal candidate should also have experience in digital and social media marketing and personal attributes like exceptional communication and organisation.  

9. Outreach Coordinator 

Forging relationships with community members and donors is fundamental for generating revenue. Outreach coordinators specialise in orchestrating outreach events and overseeing volunteer activities. They make it their mission to promote their brand and make meaningful connections with potential partners. 

Outreach Coordinator job responsibilities include:

  • Work and build relationships with community members and other organisations
  • Implement effective strategies for outreach and volunteer coordination 
  • Organise outreach events
  • Perform the necessary administrative duties

Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills are also very important, and experience in coordinating volunteering activities and community outreach would be desirable.  

10. Human Resources Assistant 

Human resource departments are necessary for maintaining a safe, well-informed, and happy workforce, and HR Assistants are tasked with supporting these departments to the best of their ability. From managing employee databases to conducting training programs, HR Assistants do their bit to ensure that their charity or non-profit organisations run smoothly. 

Human Resources Assistant job responsibilities include: 

  • Carry out recruitment duties, including screening candidates and drawing up employment contracts 
  • Arranging events and meetings 
  • Keep employees up to date with the latest HR best practices 
  • Maintain paper and electronic records 

An effective HR Assistant candidate should be able to demonstrate excellent data entry and record-keeping abilities and superlative communication and organisation skills. In addition to the requisite professional experience and personal qualities, it would also be advantageous for the applicant to hold a degree in human resources or business administration.  

The Final Word

The charitable and non-profit sector plays a crucial role in supporting the most vulnerable members of society, especially during times of economic uncertainty and crisis. Despite the challenges faced in recent years, these organisations have demonstrated resilience and adaptability by embracing technological advancements, dipping into reserve funds, and shifting services online to continue helping those in need. 

We recognise the vital work done by charities and non-profit organisations and are committed to supporting them in attracting and identifying top talent. With the right combination of professional skills and passion for charitable work, you have every chance of landing your perfect non-profit or charity job

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