Tips to ensure you are always 'job-ready'

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Tracey George

By Tracey George

You don’t have to be an active jobseeker to be faced with having to decide about a great new opportunity. With employers and recruiters having access to talent through various social media platforms and their expanding networks, you never know when you may be approached about a new opportunity that you simply can’t miss out on!

Here are some top tips that will help you stand out from the crowd and be ‘job-ready’ at all times!

Technology & collaboration tools 

In a world where technology is evolving rapidly, showcase your proficiency in tools and software relevant to your sector or job role. Highlight any experience with emerging technologies or specialised platforms, as this demonstrates your ability to stay ahead in a tech-driven environment.  Stay in touch with artificial intelligence (AI) developments and highlight any previous use of AI.

With the prevalence of remote work, showcase your familiarity with collaboration tools beyond just video conferencing. Mention experience with project management platforms, virtual whiteboards, and other tools that facilitate good remote teamwork.

Data literacy

Data and data analytics, is increasingly important and data related skills are now relevant in many roles.  I recently attended an event where a surprising number of organisations said they were hiring Data Scientists.  Admittedly, there won’t be an expectation for everyone to be data experts, but it is important to emphasise your ability to work with and interpret data and/or a keenness to learn and develop skills in this area. Whether it's interpreting analytics, using data visualisation tools, or contributing to data-driven decision-making processes, showcasing your data literacy skills will set you apart.


This is a proactive way to enhance your employability by learning new skills in new environments, widening your network and demonstrating an interest in particular causes. Whether assisting a charity in event management or serving as a Trustee, volunteering exposes you to diverse experiences and demonstrates commitment to personal, community or international development. In a job market where social and environmental awareness is increasingly important, volunteer experience is valued by many more employers.

Continuous learning & upskilling

Demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning by highlighting any recent courses, workshops or webinars you have attended. This will show that you have kept you up to date with market trends or developed existing or new skills. Showcase your adaptability and willingness to stay updated with sector and industry trends, employers are attracted to candidates that demonstrate a genuine curiosity and interest in learning new skills that will be required in the evolving landscape.

Identify & highlight transferable skills

Encouragingly, more employers are adapting their recruitment strategies to embrace a skills-first approach to hiring, so it is essential to identify and showcase your transferable skills. Carefully consider and reflect on all your experience, both in your professional and personal life.  Avoid making assumptions about what employers may view as irrelevant and try where possible, to explain the relevance of that skill or trait and how it would transfer into a role, industry or environment.    

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