TPP's association with Darwin200

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Sophie Butler

By Sophie Butler

We are proud to announce our association with an incredible conservation initiative which ‘aims to change the world for the better!’

You may have seen on BBC or ITV news recently that on the 15th August an historic tall ship. Oosterschelde, set sail from Plymouth on a journey of discovery, retracing Charles Darwin’s voyage around the globe.  DARWIN200 is using the ship as a ‘floating laboratory and media platform, to harness the legacy of Charles Darwin’s passion for natural history to engage worldwide audiences and advance global conservation.’

Our collaboration with DARWIN200 brings together our commitment and passion to support charitable and educational organisations.  At TPP we work hard to improve our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.

The project’s three main objectives are: Empower, Inspire and Solve – with the main being to empower the planet’s top young conservationists to change the world of tomorrow, through the project inspiring global audiences to better appreciate nature and conservation efforts, solving real problems through science research projects being beamed live from the ship to engaged global audiences.

Key highlights of our association:

  • Shared promotion: We aim to increase awareness of this exciting and innovative journey throughout its two year voyage
  • Mentoring: Our collaboration will provide direct, one on one support to a Darwin Leader.   Darwin Leaders will become tomorrow’s environmental leaders and have been selected from 200 countries and states around the world.
  • Synergistic growth: This partnership represents a strategic alignment that we hope will generate mutual benefits for all involved and ultimately, build a more sustainable planet for all.

We are excited to support and follow the DAWRIN200 journey and have you with us as we embark on this voyage. You can stay tuned for updates by following:

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“Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, shall all be saved.” 
- Jane Goodall, DARWIN200 Patron

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