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Public Relations

TPP have been sourcing and placing PR professionals for over 14 years. Over this time the demand for PR has remained consistent, along with the level of candidates to meet these roles; however the scope of most PR jobs has changed to meet the demand for use of online marketing. We offer a range of PR jobs including PR OfficersPR ManagersMedia & PR Officers and more generic communications roles.

Responsibilities & Duties for PR Roles

Responsibilities may vary across PR Officer jobs and mainly depend on the size and operation of the charity. PR Officers use all available media and communication channels to assist building and maintaining the reputation non-profit and public sector organisations. PR Officers and Managers may also develop relationships with celebrities to endorse or support the charity.

The PR Manager's key aim is to develop and support media strategies and relations and effectively promote an organisation’s brand. PR Managers are responsible for managing PR campaigns, building and maintaining effective media contacts, proactively identifying new media opportunities and following up on these which can be used to promote and raise the profile of the organisation.

Skills Required for PR Jobs

Building and maintaining relationships with Broadcasters/Journalists is an important element to this role, as is attention to detail and excellent oral and written communication skills.

PR jobs offer great opportunities for career development including other media/online/communication and publicity roles, which maintain an organisation’s public image. Degrees in PR/Media are often beneficial, as well as professional qualifications, such as CIM.


Since TPP have been recruiting for Press Officers, there has been an increase in the demand for these roles. We offer a wide range of Press Officers jobs in charities and other not for profit organisations across the UK.

Responsibilities & Duties for Press Roles

Press Officers are responsible for developing and implementing media plans, maximising media partnerships, drafting press materials and liaising with key internal employees to maximise on opportunities. Candidates looking for Press Officer jobs will have comprehensive knowledge of communicating across different media, good influencing skills and the ability to develop strong relationships with Journalists.

Skills Required for Press Jobs

non-profit and public sector organisations can provide competitive career opportunities for professionals with previous experience and understanding of the charity sector in general. Although not necessary, a degree or equivalent qualifications are desirable along with journalism or PR qualifications. Experience in working within publishing environments is beneficial for successful candidates.