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The TPP MarComms & Digital team recruit across major non-profit and public sector organisations throughout the UK for Marketing Executives, Marketing Officers and Marketing Managers. These jobs are both a key part of any marketing team and carry a certain level of autonomy. Assisting the Head of Marketing or Marketing Director in developing marketing communications, responsibilities vary depending on the size of the team.

Responsibilities & Duties for Marketing Roles

A typical Marketing Executive’s job includes ensuring all marketing is developed to plan and on time, covering all aspects of marketing campaigns; this can including databases, monitoring campaign results and carrying out market research & analysis. Other duties include developing and distributing marketing material, organising external events, which can involve representing the organisation, project managing and ad hoc marketing projects, eg. publications, marketing campaigns and market research.

Marketing Managers are generally responsible for developing and managing the delivery of marketing strategies, promoting the organisation’s brand(s), ensuring effective relationships with key stakeholders and ensuring the brand is consistent in all marketing. Marketing material/collateral can include printed brochures, advertising, online advertising, website and the use of social media, blogs etc.

More information on Marketing Director roles.

Skills Required for Marketing Jobs

Most Marketing Executive and Marketing Officer jobs generally require a degree or marketing qualification, together with previous experience of working in a marketing role. Experience does not usually have to be within the non-proft sector although this can be desirable for some organisations.

Marketing Manager jobs in charities attract professionals with previous experience of working within marketing and have a good understanding of the charity sector. Successful candidates should have strong management skills and practical knowledge of exploring new and developing media, managing contractors and good knowledge of databases. Ideally Marketing Managers will have a degree in Marketing or have professional qualifications, such as CIM