TPP's interview cheat sheet

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Donovan Whittaker

By Donovan Whittaker

Even the most prepared can stumble during an interview or forget their key achievements, weaknesses etc. Therefore we have created a guide to creating your own cheat sheet; this is an A4 piece of paper that you can take into your interview with you, with key bullet point facts to get you back on track if you get flustered. Don’t read directly from the sheet, but have it to hand in case you need it and at the end of your meeting use it to ensure you haven’t missed anything critical.

These sheets should be used alongside our top tips for combating interview nerves, tackling difficult interview questions and our guide to competency based interviews.


Review the job description and person specification, for details on specific requirements/ qualities of the role and list these on a piece of paper. Then list next to it the qualities you have that meet those requirements and evidence to back each up.

Putting together the cheat sheet

Questions are likely to be centred on the requirements for the role. Think about your responses to questions and outline your answers using bullet points.

List five questions to ask the interviewer. Some of these are likely to be answered during the interview, so prepare more than you plan to ask.

Prepare a short personal statement about you, bullet pointing some answers.

Ensure you list answers to frequently asked questions, such as strengths/ weaknesses.

Prepare answers to typical behavioural interview questions. E.g. “Give an example of a time when you have worked as part of a team.”

List your major accomplishments; these can be used to help answer most questions.

Use keywords and phrases in your bullet points that will help identify details in your mind.

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