TPP Flexified for a second year

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Nicky Sinclair

By Nicky Sinclair

TPP Recruitment: Leading the Way in Flexibility

"Flexa Careers have verified TPP Recruitment as 'leading the way to empower employees by providing a truly supportive and flexible working environment'.

TPP have successfully achieved our Flexification status for a second year in a row through Flexa Careers!

We are proud to have scored a fantastic 90% for both employee and employer surveys, which shows our commitment to providing a truly flexible working environment is both communicated and utilized successfully.

For many years now, we have been creating an environment that offers genuine flexibility and autonomy as well as support, which we know can be hard to find, particularly within the recruitment industry! We offer a remote-first hybrid working policy, with no core hours and the use of a stunning shared service office near Monument, where you have access to a wonderful place in which to work and meet up with colleagues, anything from once a week to every day of the week, whatever is best for you.

We recognize that people have interests, responsibilities, and commitments unrelated to their professional lives and are therefore open to considering different working patterns to include full-time, part-time, job shared, and compressed hours.

Our staff are passionate, motivated, and driven individuals who want to succeed and develop their careers with us. We, therefore, support them to work their hours in a way that allows a work-life blend, so they can achieve success and have a positive impact on their well-being, personally and professionally.

Our flexible working centers around trust, so all we ask for in return is honesty, transparency, and clear communication around availability and work schedules. Business continuity is very important to us, so we have built additional support into our structure to ensure our flexible environment does not compromise the quality of service our candidates and clients rely on.

What Did Flexa Say About TPP Recruitment?

Having undertaken their second Flexification with Flexa, TPP's Employee and Employer scores increased. Having worked closely with TPP over the last 12 months, the senior leadership's commitment to flexibility and work-life balance is admirable. It is rare to have scores matching, let alone so high! This shows how clearly flexibility is communicated and utilized by the team.

TPP is one of, if not the most flexible recruiters I have personally seen, leading the way to empower employees by providing a truly supportive and flexible working environment.

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