The future of job seeking – how is AI being used?

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Joe Treacy

By Joe Treacy

According to our recent LinkedIn poll, 40% of job seekers said they have used AI as part of their job application process.

Like most, the recruitment industry is no exception to seeing a huge increase in the use of AI, not just to recruit but by job seekers looking for a new role. Although it has some benefits, it does have its drawbacks, so in this blog we look at how job seekers have been using AI, what to avoid and most importantly, if you are going to use it, things you should consider beforehand.
So, what are job seekers using AI for?

  • To save time - Searching job boards for relevant jobs, applying for jobs, especially if you are proactively searching for a new role, can be time consuming, AI allows you to streamline some processes, saving you time.
  • Quick analysis - It can be used to analyse your CV, job advertisements, job descriptions/ person specifications, pulling out the key points, to determine if you meet the requirements and help tailor your application accordingly.
  • Research & increase knowledge - You can use it to research an organisation, increase knowledge within a sector, to help support your application and interviews.
  • To prepare - You can use it to help with practice interview questions, helping you feel more prepared and less anxious about an interview.   

What should you consider before using it?

  • There are ethical concerns about privacy, so you may wish to avoid putting any personal/ sensitive data into AI.
  • It requires a lot of data input, AI is a learning machine, so data it publishes may not always be accurate, so verify any data before using. 
  • You may consider running any content generated in AI through a plagiarism checker to ensure it is original.
  • Decide where you feel it can add the most value to your application process – and use accordingly. 
  • It is constantly evolving – so you need to continue to be curious, learning as it changes.
  • There are a few different AI tools available, some are more advanced than others and some are specifically for applying for jobs.
  • Some job advertisements indicate applicants may be rejected if they use AI in their application process.

Although there are lots of points to consider before using AI, it could be used to support you with job applications, especially as a starting point to build upon with your human touch and own personal brand. If you are going to consider using AI always remember that all job applications should always be an accurate and authentic reflection of you - your skills, ability, experience and potential. 

TPP is committed to staying up-to-date of how AI is both developing and impacting recruitment and the non-profit sector.  As such, we have an AI Focus Group that monitors developments, shares knowledge, and produces guidelines.  This will ensure we embrace the opportunities that AI has to offer but not compromise what we are passionate about. We thrive in developing human relationships which we know AI will never do as well as we do!  

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