How to make the best impression via video

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Tracey George

By Tracey George

Imagine a prospective employer offers you an interview and gives you a choice whether to do a telephone or video interview. What would you choose? Many people would still opt for a telephone interview, however, you will definitely make a more positive impression and have a more rewarding and constructive interview if you opt for video.

Many organisations will now take advantage of video for interviews; it will speed up their recruitment process, and they will undoubtedly have the technology and processes in place to facilitate this as part of their hiring process post Covid-19.

Here are some helpful tips that will aid you in presenting yourself in the best possible way via video. It is worth noting that many of these tips will also apply to video meetings, presentations, and training, not just for interviews.

Plan and prepare
  • Have your phone on silent
  • Keep emails and other app notifications off or out of sight
  • Set up in a quiet room, with minimal chance of distraction or noise (microphones and headsets can be helpful)
  • Clean and tidy space – be mindful of the background or backdrop
  • Avoid eating or drinking – although a glass of water in reach will be useful in case you need it
  • Make use of mute function if more than two people in the interview/meeting
  • Check that your camera is elevated to eye level
  • Have as much natural light as possible, face this light (avoid having the light behind you) and use a lamp if needed
  • Check your internet connection on the day of the interview
  • Check your audio before the interview
  • Additionally, test the above by video calling someone and asking for feedback - can they hear you clearly?
Eye Contact
  • Look into the camera lens when talking or answering questions
  • Use your hands to help expression or emphasize points you are making
  • Don’t wave, point, or fold your arms
  • Maintain good eye contact when the other person is talking, occasionally nodding to keep engaged – as verbal acknowledgment can distort the sound and volume of the speaker and you could miss key information
Body position
  • Sit at a good distance from the camera
  • Avoid a full face close-up and have part of your upper body on display
  • Sit on the front of your chair, with your back straight and lean in just a little; how you sit will boost your voice
Be perceptive
  • Listen carefully to questions and comments
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat something if necessary
  • Watch facial expressions and body language of the interviewer
  • Let others talk and avoid interrupting others
Use of visuals for presentations
  • Utilize the share screen functionality if you need to present as part of the interview
  • Ensure you know how to use this functionality on the particular video software being used and test it

And my final tip is, what you wear does matter! Dress for an interview, you want to look professional and well-presented, and this will almost certainly help with giving you confidence in the interview too.

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