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Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Webinar - How (and why) to recruit disabled candidates

Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Webinar - How (and why) to recruit disabled candidates

Thank you for attending the How (and why) to recruit disabled candidates webinar. Please find below the slides, recording and chat messages from the event. 

Chat messages

​10:31:53  Would you mind repeating the name of the awards scheme?
10:38:47  RIDI award scheme
10:38:51  RIDI Awards
10:39:13  I wonder if the reason some employers don't embrace a more flexible and open recruitment process is they fear it can be expensive making adjustments
10:40:34  could you please explain the access to work scheme
10:40:43  What are the best specialist job boards for disable people?
10:41:18  Can Access to Work be used for voluntary positions like trusteeships please Jane?
10:43:49  Thank you
10:44:06  Hello, We have recently had an existing employee let us know they have just been diagnosed with ADHD. We are supporting him to put in place any adjustments which would be useful. Can you recommend where to go for a Workplace Assessment to ensure we support in the best way possible?
10:45:47  We're making a lot of changes to our entire recruitment process to become more inclusive and accessible and we will be advertising our new roles on specialist boards. But one of the challenges we have as a small organisation is we don't recruit very often and some of the charges from specialist boards are more geared towards bigger organisations that recruit regularly.
10:47:42  Autism Plus
10:48:25  Thank you so much for this and the information, it is so very useful
10:49:36  thank you!
10:49:36  Don't be afraid to ask for a discount, some job board are flexible when you phone up :-)
10:51:30  Will a recording of this meeting be available on the TPP website? I have another meeting in 10 mins and worried about missing the end! Also would be great to share with colleagues :)
10:52:02  we will share the recording with all registered delegates, thanks for joining Nicola
10:52:27  Great, thank you!
10:52:47  Also do not assume that candidates are not looking at all of the traditional job boards. If you have put in the work with the job description and advert you will not attract the right candidate from a traditional job board that is more cost effective for your organisation.  As Tracey said Evenbreak is one of the most value for money disability job boards.
10:57:29  Jane, this has been so informative but I have another zoom in 5 minutes I need to be on.  I am keen to see the recording so I can catch up - thank you. I will be looking at your job board as well - Take care Kathryn
11:01:48  This was excellent, thank you
11:02:05  Thank you very much, Jane!
11:02:32  Thank you Jane, very useful.
11:02:38  It's been excellent - thank you so much Jane and TPP for setting it up
11:02:41  Thank you - I feel much more confident in our approach now.
11:02:54  Thank you so much. This has been so useful
11:02:55  Thank you so much for a really helpful session.
11:02:56  Thank you Jane!
11:02:57  thanks so much - great webinar!
11:03:05  Thank you Jane and Tracey, really useful session!
11:03:15  Thank you.
11:03:22  I'm off to write up notes and sense check our new recruitment process to make sure we're being inclusive at every single stage. Thank you so much - this session has been so insightful 
11:03:24  Really useful and interesting session, thank you
11:03:37  Great session!
11:03:42  Thank you Jane, that was a brilliant session
11:04:24  Thanks Jane. Lots of great, practical advice.
11:04:43  Thank you Jane, really helpful and interesting session!
11:04:56  thank you - that was really good
11:05:22  Thank you!