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Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Webinar - Exploring & Embedding Inclusive Recruitment

Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Webinar - Exploring & Embedding Inclusive Recruitment

Thank you for attending the Exploring and Embedding Inclusive Recruitment webinar. Please find below the slides, recording and chat messages from the event. 

Chat messages

14:03:03 Hello everyone - happy Wednesday!
14:10:16 Can you please share the slides?
14:10:41 yes we will share the slides and recording with you all
14:10:53 thank you
14:11:09 Essential criteria only in JDs
14:11:12 Anonymous application forms
14:11:19 Gender decoding adverts
14:11:26 we are looking to anonymous shortlising
14:11:27 Skills, not 'experience'
14:11:29 different languages for adverts
14:11:29 really considering the "degree" qualification
14:11:34 Applications in different formats e.g. video
14:11:35 recruiting on soft skills
14:11:39 remove degree needed unless necessary
14:11:45 values based
14:11:51 placing the role beyond obvious places
14:11:52 Say upfront if you can offer flexible working arrangements
14:11:55 removing identifiable information from CV
14:12:03 Reasonable adjustments
14:12:06 make sure the JD is fit for purpose and you are not recruiting like for like
14:12:07 Applications only, no CVs
14:12:20 Advertise on inclusive job boards
14:12:39 Diverse hiring panel
14:12:42 Don't write someone off for gaps in their CV
14:12:44 looking at where we are advertising
14:12:58 Explain upfront where adjustments can be made eg. if the role requires heavy lifting, say that adjustments can be made.
14:13:22 Interview questions in advance
14:13:23 look at transferable skills
14:13:41 Look at complementary fit, not culture fit
14:14:13 reducing job packs into blurbs and professional images to approach the admin for diverse networks
14:14:56 Educate managers and ourselves!
14:15:42 How do anonymised application forms work for academic roles, where track record of research papers/ publications, professional practise etc may be required?
14:18:22 We are reporting on this data through the application process, however many applicants don't fill this info in. Have you got any suggestions on the wording we could use to encourage everyone to fill in the Eq Ops? so we can if there are any particular trends in our process
14:22:12 What is your view on Unconscious Bias Training? There's a lot of controversy around this as to how valuable / impactful it really is
14:24:45 Thank you
14:26:00 Inclusive Employers held a great session this morning on implicit bias which is worth checking out
14:26:40 Thank you
14:27:11 Are CVs better than application forms?
14:29:36 The title says it all!
14:29:46 no discrimintaion is positive
14:29:53 Evidence that positive action is needed
14:31:27 Tracey that's a super idea about 3 or 4 screening questions - very inclusive and focused
14:31:45 Great, thank you
14:31:56 you are welcome Carolyn
14:32:35 Sorry have another meeting to go to, very useful would you mind sharing the slides afterwards?
14:35:44 Advertising vacancies in diversity media
14:35:44 Women in leadership mentoring and training programme.
14:35:53 flexible interview arrangements (e.g. online, changing time and accessible room, etc.)
14:36:06 statements on job adverts encouraging people from underrepresented or minoritized backgrounds
14:36:09 we encourage clients to use a positive action statement when advertising to show that candidates are welcome.
14:36:44 Disability Confident Scheme - guaranteed shortlisting to next stage/interview for disabled applicants who meet essential criteria, if they opt in
14:36:53 Can we please have a copy of the chat discussion also as it's incredibly helpful - thank you
14:37:46 Apprenticeships targeting particular groups
14:38:49 What's the advice on wording? For example we state- we welcome people from all backgrounds regardless of race, sexuality etc. We don't however ask for specific protected characteristics e.g we welcome people from the LGBTQ+ community
14:40:14 Is it okay to define "under-represented group" based on our organisation or our sector, rather than the UK population? For example, in my organisation men are under-represented, especially at senior it okay to say in the job advert that we especially welcome applications from men?
14:42:11 Thank you!
14:43:33 We've recently worked on our DBI statement and have included it in our job ads: "Cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither does CLIC Sargent. We know that opportunities for too many people remain a condition of their race, class, sex, disability, sexual orientation – or a combination. This isn’t okay. We don’t just accept difference — we value it, we celebrate it, we nurture it, and we thrive off of it. We positively welcome your application irrespective of your background. We are on a journey, and if you join us you will be part of a community that is committed to make a difference to the lives of children and young people with cancer."
14:46:31 Only ask for academic qualification is really essential to the role
14:46:43 remove unnecessary qualifications from person specifications
14:47:07 Could anonymise education history, ie. schools/university names
14:47:36 look at where you advertise, look at qualifications look at how you want candidates to engage with you, look at data poverty for virtual interviewing.
14:47:44 As an education network we now focus on social justice rather that social mobility - what are your thoughts on this?
14:48:02 Don't use jargon in JDs/Adverts, use plain English.
14:48:34 be aware of internships and the advantage they give people with privilege (especially with entry-level roles)
14:49:39 We now pay all our interns
14:53:15 can we access audit / review tools via TPP / Inclusive employers? in education the term audit can create some negative responses and therefore not adopted
14:53:45 can you please talk a little about reverse mentoring? it's new to me and I'd love to hear the benefits
14:53:46 the pod casts are amazing.
14:54:07 you mentioned gender decoding software - can you name it?
14:54:08 what are more creative ways to "interview" candidates without it being a standard interview?
14:54:10 Really useful, thanks so much
14:56:28 A really valuable session - Focused, action-orientated, engaging and all in 1 hour! - thank you
14:56:52 This has been a really great session thank you so much.
14:56:58 brilliant webinar, best of its kind I've attended! thanks so much
14:57:12 Thank you Naz, very helpful.
14:57:14 Has been really helpful - thanks so much Naz! 
14:57:21 great webinar Naz as always.
14:57:22 Big thanks Naz!  Great session!
14:57:22 Thank you Naz.  Really enjoyed it.
14:57:26 Thank you, that was very useful
14:57:28 Thank you for another great webinar Naz.
14:57:28 Thank you Naz so useful
14:57:29 Thank you Naz, very useful.
14:57:30 Thank you very much for your time it has been very interesting and insightful.
14:57:34 Excellent webinar. so many great tips and ideas to work through
14:57:41 Please don't be nervous about Positive Action!
14:57:47 Thank you, really useful
14:57:56 podcasts are great
14:58:00 Thank you Naz-really useful information.
14:58:02 how do you explain to someone that they've not been successful because you used positive action and selected someone else?
14:58:09 thanks, that was great! (and thank you for recording, my internet dropped twice so I'll watch what I missed)
14:58:10 Thanks very much!
14:58:19 thank you Naz very helpful
14:58:49 Thanks Naz.
15:00:14 big thank you to TPP - as a small charity your team has been incredibly supportive
15:00:22 Thanks Naz/ Tracey
15:00:27 Thank you :)
15:00:46 Thank you
15:00:52 Thank you