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Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Webinar - Challenging Privilege: The Ethics of Intersectional Top Down Inclusivity

Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Webinar - Challenging Privilege: The Ethics of Intersectional Top Down Inclusivity

Thank you for attending the Challenging Privilege: The Ethics of Intersectional Top Down Inclusivity webinar. Please find below the slides, recording and chat messages from the event. 

Chat messages

​10:07:00 : Hi, is anyone struggling to hear?
10:07:19 : No, loud and clear here!
10:07:25 : No. I can hear clearly
10:07:42 : Thank you, must be my connection
10:40:58 : that was so powerful and incredibly informative and useful
10:41:15 : I'm really interested in the reflection on socio-economic diversity at board level - what would you recommend we 'measure' to assess our diversity in this?
10:41:45 : Very helpful and informative, essential that senior people have this learning - especially the thought of going further than the equality act and the law
10:41:50 : How should protected characteristics be updated Patricia? You mentioned socio-economic, are there other things which are out of step?
10:42:23 : How can we make talking about privilege easier?
10:42:57 : How can you balance the tightrope of 'nothing about us wihtout us' and leaning too heavily on those who are underrepresented?
10:44:26 : I have a comment: some organisations have a DEI statement but when recruiting look for cultural fit individuals. Isn't this a way of perpetuating the same non diverse workforce? How does one challenge the culture fitness in order to be more inclusive?
10:44:46 : In terms of understanding and combatting our privilege, we’re up against institutions that are often going in the opposite direction – the latest Governmental changes, the almost ‘anti-woke’ UK Cabinet, that derides all attempts to deprivilege. That, for me, seems to make it even harder to raise, discuss and doing anything about issues of diversity and privilege.
Anyone have any views of working against such attitude and very top-level policy?
10:45:06 : I work in social services and I wonder if Patricia as any observations about the issues as they relate to a mainly female workforce.
10:45:51 : I would love to hear thoughts on 'organisational values' and diversity
10:47:31 : can we also have a copy of the chat please?
10:48:36 : Of course, we will share the chat messages along with the slides and recording
10:48:37 : Thoroughly enjoyed this! What are your suggestions around interpretation at a top level. i.e. senior managers are asking how to make changes aren't these open to interpretation when implemented?
10:48:55 : Really really good talk. Coming from the perspective of someone who has often been the only black employee, I agree strongly with your comment of feeling tired of fighting of diversity and the weight being on the minority to talk about this and raise awareness.
10:52:38 : How do we increase diversity at SLT levels in small organisations where people don't leave their positions often. They are good at talking the talk but the opportunities don't open up because they fill them.
10:53:06 : Hi Patricia, really valuable session thank you. How often are you finding that these conversations aren't including those who need to hear it? How can we infiltrate those entertaining or coming from a place of privilege to have this discussion?
10:53:56 : There's an opportunity for quicker movement in trustee boards!
10:54:10 : Thank you for such salient points Patricia. I reasonate with what James is saying. At my organisation, there is a focus on how everyone can review and improve inclusivity in their own role so it is not just down to 1 or 2 people but part of everyone's job role.
10:55:28 : Sorry I have to leave, but this has been so helpful and insightful. Thank you
10:55:56 : So true
10:56:35 : So true, they need to buy in also! Not just talk about the change
10:57:13 : That’s a good point @Azra - I think incorporating it into employee targets/appraisals as well as the organisational values can be good ways of incentivising everyone to consider these issues and reflect on their own role
10:57:24 : what would think about job swapping across different organisations at SLT level as a way of challenge and increasing diversity?
10:57:34 : I need to leave now, thanks very much for an interesting session.
10:58:22 : I need to leave too I'm afraid for another meeting, thank you.
10:59:02 : Thank you so much!
10:59:02 : Thank you for one of the most incisive, thoughtful and valuable training sessions I've attended.
10:59:11 : Excellent!
10:59:22 : a superb session - thank you
10:59:24 : Thank you very much for a really thought-provoking webinar
10:59:25 : Excellent session.
10:59:30 : thank you for a great session
10:59:38 : Thank you Patricia!
10:59:44 : Really useful & interesting - lot's of food for thought! Thank you
10:59:55 : Thanks Patricia
11:00:00 : Thank you - really great to listen to!
11:00:04 : Thank you Patricia 
11:00:08 : Really insightful, thank you Patricia and TPP for organising.
11:00:11 : Thank you!
11:00:18 : thank you! great to hear fromeveryone
11:00:35 : It's been so insightful. Thank you.
11:00:36 : Brilliant - thanks Patricia!!
11:00:40 : thank you Patricia
11:00:56 : Thank you all
11:00:57 : Thank you very much, that was really helpful.
11:01:06 : Really enjoyed this presentation - thanks for organising it