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Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Webinar - Autism Awareness

Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Webinar - Autism Awareness

Thank you for attending the Autism Awareness webinar. Please find below the slides, recording and chat messages from the event. 

Chat messages

12:03:01: Hi everyone - good to be here. I'm afraid I need to leave before then end of the session but look forward to receiving the full recording.

12:08:32: welcome everyone, no problem Carolyn

12:12:03: Please feel free to ask any questions throughout the presentation!

12:15:16: I am interested to understand how best to get a diagnosis for neurodiverse conditions and how to make reasonable adjustments/adaptions.

12:20:49: the british dyslexia association has a neurodiversity profiler tool you can download and go through - this was v helpful to use when raising issues with my sons school, pre-diagnosis and might be helpful to take to your doctor too

12:20:59: Hello, I'm a late-diagnosed Autistic person, and as a line manager I've recommended that folks read the NAS page here: You can also fill out the short AQ-10 test to take to your GP as this is a NICE approved and recognised document for them to easily upload to your file: They will then make a referral for you to the clinic in your area. There is usually a 12-18 month waiting list for ASC Diagnostic Assessments.

12:21:16: thank you Paul, that is very useful

12:22:15: Ted, thanks for sharing that too

12:22:48: Additionally, for help at work before then, we recommend that staff speak with their line manager who can see what reasonable adjustments can be made in discussion with HR department. If the staff member is struggling to stay in work because of symptoms of their condition then it's possible to go through Access To Work for a Workplace Needs Assessment. They can also provide an ASC Screening Assessment on some occasions.

12:28:44: I also have some internal resources that you might find useful for yourself or Autistic members of staff. I have used information from the NAS website but simplified it onto a poster style. Daily reminders - for Autistic staff members who need a reminder to look after themselves. Feeling overwhelmed Sensory Differences

12:29:21: As an Autistic person in that situation I rely on 'scripts' to make sure that the interaction is socially acceptable

12:29:54: That's helpful, thank you Ted

12:29:56: (Sorry as you can tell I'm very passionate about this topic!)

12:30:45: Thank you for all your contributions Ted, it is great to see and hear your passion.

12:30:51: no need to apologise, it's all about sharing to help one another

12:31:10: Thanks ted, that's very kind of you to share

12:31:27: Haha cheers folks :-)

12:34:56: I found it really difficult going in to the office for the first time after lock down and our CEO arranged to meet me at London Bridge to walk in with me.

12:35:30: Wow that's great Donna, and a really personal touch by your CEO

12:37:31: could we please have a copy of the chat? I have the downloads however also having the chat text would be helpful. many thanks

12:38:07: this is incredibly useful thank you - I'm afraid I have to leave now.

12:39:35: Questions in advance makes a significant difference. And being allowed to read the answers during the interview. Reducing the number of unknowns to navigate as far as possible. Personally experienced interview trauma and needed to develop an extensive interview preparation system including travelling in advance if a new location, questions in advance, research on staff to put faces to names ahead of time etc.

12:40:39: Unfortunately I have to leave now. An excellent webinar, really practical, will you be running it again?

12:40:57: I agree Liezel, we get positive feedback from candidate that interview for internal roles at TPP since we introduced this

12:41:28: Hi Patricia, we will share the recording with you, hopefully that will be helpful

12:41:30: Can imagine:)

12:41:42: That sounds like a thorough solution Liezel, thanks for sharing that :-)

12:42:00: For virtual interviews we ask the question and then put the question into the chat box - but only if the applicant wants this as it may overwhelm some people

12:42:29: great suggestion Waheeda!

12:42:58: Yeah asking people's preferences beforehand is a really simple way of making it easier for folks, thanks Waheeda

12:43:03: That's a good tip, Waheeda. If someone is very anxious they may not always hear the question properly and then feel too anxious to ask the panelist to repeat.

12:46:10: do you work with small employers? the named companies on your website for the Autism at work programme are all big employers. We're a small cahrity and so would only have a few roles to recruit in a year - are we able to join and get your support?

12:47:21: brill - thanks

12:47:59: We have plenty of data entry jobs - keen to get involved in diversifying more

12:49:41: Ironically many of those organisations probably already have undiagnosed autistic people on their team

12:53:54: everyone can benefit from the 5 second rule in an interview!

12:59:08: My apologies. I need to be in another meeting at 1:00. Learnt a lot today - Thank you!

12:59:58: Thank you, it was very informative

13:00:07: Thanks Richmal!

13:00:19: Thank you, Richmal.

13:00:28: Thanks everyone!

13:00:29: Thank you so much Richmal. That was very informative. I've learnt a great deal.

13:01:19: thank you

13:01:19: Thank you!