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What's happening to Salaries

The ONS reported a 3.8% increase year on year, the sector has seen an increase of 1.5%  on average.

31% of respondents have asked for a pay rise in the last 12 months, and of those 36% were unsuccessful. The table below shows the percentage of people that were successful and unsuccessful in obtaining a pay rise by job level.

Successful Unsuccessful
Head of75%25%
Senior Executive/ Senior Officer55%45%
Executive/ Officer53%47%
Assistant/ Coordinator50%50%

Managers and above were more successful in obtaining a pay rise when they asked.  Of those that asked and were successful in obtaining a pay rise, the majority received a standard cost of living pay rise (1%-3%.) The table below shows the percentage increase by organisation type.

CharityHigher EducationMembership
1% - 3%75%68%64%
3% - 5%14%18%13%
5% - 10%8%11%13%
Over 10%4%4%10%

50% of respondents overall said their organisation does not have a transparent pay scale (this figure decreased to 30% for respondents working within HR.)


“In my organisation there is no consistency regarding pay, other departments are paid more than others.”

“Salaries are not at all on par with the cost of living, but that’s a problem with the general system of capitalism rather than the sector.”

“Please recruit for potential in more senior roles, not just junior. It is not enticing to be considered for roles that you have essentially already done before, but at another organisation. Be creatively, truly value transferable skills.”

“The sector is becoming more about raising funds and keeping jobs than about the overall cause. It is difficult to have a long-term career in the sector due to lack of funding to keep up with the cost of living – especially in London.”

“Senior Officers are taking on managers responsibilities and roles but are not seeing the salary increases.”

“I think Trustees need to take a closer look at salaries and rewards structures and find out whether they are meeting staff needs, especially in London.”

We asked respondents how they felt salaries had changed over the last year. The majority felt they had stayed the same, closely followed by increased a little, this was consistent across organisation type. This view has remained consistent over the last few years.