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We asked respondents to select their top 3 motivators when looking for a new role.

A higher salary remains the number one motivator, consistent with the last few years. However, “a new challenge” has replaced a “better work/life balance” as the 2nd highest motivator.

Top motivators differed by job level. For junior level roles (Assistant/Coordinator and Executive/Officer) job security was a big motivator, but this gradually decreased until it was a minimal factor at Director level. A new challenge and better work life balance were more important to those at Manager, Head of and Director level whilst a higher salary remained consistent across all job levels.

The above results remained consistent throughout the job functions, except within marcomms and digital where a better work-life balance ranked 7th. 40% of respondents within marcomms were temporary/ contract employees, who generally do have more flexibility in their roles, therefore this isn’t a driving factor for them when looking for a new job as they are generally offered more flexibility.

Many fundraising professionals commented on flexible working within the sector.

“Part-time flexible jobs at ‘Head of’ level in fundraising are so few and far between it is extremely frustrating – so many good opportunities seem to pass me by because they are not willing to be flexible and cannot work full time due to childcare commitments."

In response to clear demand from candidates, it is increasingly common for fundraisers (especially those working at the Senior Officer or Management level) to be given a degree of flexible working. Historically there have been fewer opportunities for more senior fundraisers to work flexibly – especially the ability to work part-time. For some of those seeking part-time work at this level, the answer has been to move to consultancy work and to manage their own time. For others (and these are the majority), the need to work part-time and lack of part-time opportunities, has required them to take a role that does not fully utilise their skills/experience – ultimately a real loss to the sector. It’s with this in mind that led to the TPP Fundraising and Development team launched a job-share partnering scheme which aims to introduce like-minded fundraising professionals to one-another, thereby creating new job-share partnerships that can access to full range of full-time senior opportunities. You can view further details on this scheme here