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D&I Shared Learning Insights from TPP

D&I Shared Learning Insights from TPP

As part of our D&I Action Plan we created our first D&I Steering Group in 2021. This group represents everyone at TPP, helps us learn and more importantly, facilitates us taking the necessary action be more impactful with delivering on our Action Plan. Like many of you, we are learning and evolving, but one of our recent sessions internally was so well received and thought provoking we wanted to share it with you. Who knows, you may like to try running a similar session in your organisation?

Our D&I Steering Group recently hosted a shared learning session with colleagues. We run these sessions regularly throughout the year. We used the session to get to know one another a bit more and share some stories about our own experiences, interests, backgrounds etc.

Here are some of the things we spoke about:

  • Our families - now or growing up.

  • Our culture, religion, or beliefs – okay, we will admit, food featured quite strongly here too!

  • Information about our names – Some people took part in #mynameis campaign, as part of racial equality week, which has been really interesting. Some people googled their own names for the first time in this session!

  • Where does your name originate from? Talking about the meaning of it, whether this has opened opportunities or perhaps been a barrier at times.

  • Unknown facts people may not know about us (that we were comfortable sharing of course)

We had positive feedback from the session, enabling us to open up some great conversations with each other and it certainly gave us a better understanding of each other and those around us.

This level of curiosity about other people helps us understand our candidates and clients better too, there is just so much richness in our own personal lived experiences that sometimes goes untapped and underutilised. Engaging in conversations like this helps us have an awareness of barriers that may stand in the way of people securing and retaining fulfilling work.

As well as these valuable shared learning sessions, all TPP employees attend specialist training sessions run by external D&I experts on various topics throughout the year. We also host a number of D&I events so keep an eye on our events page where you can sign up to our latest free events.

For further information on what we are doing at TPP as well as for our clients and candidates visit our D&I hub or follow us on LinkedIn.