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Why you should always give candidates feedback after an interview

Job interviews can be a nerve wracking experience for many people and the days or even weeks, waiting to hear feedback can be an agonising period. When candidates finally do hear back from an organisation, it can be a weight off their shoulders. Best-case scenario, the candidate is successful and is chosen for the role in question. However, for every candidate that is successful there will also be at least five or six others that weren’t. The best practice for the remaining candidates is...

Author: Matt Adams
Published: 17 Jul 2017

Hot under the collar? Tips to prevent your staff wilting in the heat

We do like to moan about the weather in the UK. It’s always too hot, too cold, the   wrong kind of rain. ​I personally like the heat, but preferably when I am sat beside a pool and don’t have to move! Unfortunately in the UK, public transport and offices often don’t cope well with the heat, trains come to a halt and air conditioning systems that have worked during the coldest months fail. We can’t all take our laptop down to the beach to work for the day, so we have put together our top tips...

Author: Jo Hodge
Published: 22 Jun 2017

Importance of Mentoring: TPP’s CEO partakes in speed mentoring session at the Women of the World festival

Mentoring someone involves more than just the transfer of advice and information. Those willing to invest their time in developing, motivating and inspiring other professionals, gain substantial benefits from the partnership. Here at TPP we practice what we preach, as well as implementing our own mentoring scheme by pairing fundraisers to establish and cement mentor and mentee relationships, our CEO, Jayne Morris, is using her experience to offer her expertise at Women of the World festi...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 10 Mar 2017

10 transferable tips when interviewing candidates and looking for love

In recruitment, we see many parallels between dating and job hunting, so we thought we would jump on the Valentine’s bandwagon and have some fun by highlighting top tips for your candidate search which can also be used when dating! 1. Be picky but not precise Your ideal hire might be 24 years old with 15 years’ experience, a master’s degree and wanting to work voluntary but it isn’t going to happen in this lifetime! The candidate may bring something else to the table that you hadn’t conside...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 14 Feb 2017

4 ways to help your candidates relax at interview

Every employee has to go through the interview process at one point or another. An interview should be both an opportunity for the applicant to sell themselves but also to get a greater feel for your organisation, the job role and you. Whilst the candidate may have all the necessary skills and relevant experience on paper, their nerves may prevent them from being able to demonstrate this verbally. As an interviewee, it is easy to misinterpret nervous, unconfident candidates as incompetent, ...

Author: Jo Hodge
Published: 20 Jan 2017

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