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Landing your dream MarComms & Digital role this summer

Many people think that summer is a bad time to be job hunting, people assume that departments stop working as everyone heads out of the office to enjoy the sunshine, eat ice cream or go on their holidays. However, this assumption is not reality. At TPP we have noticed an uplift in the number of MarComms & Digital jobs and clients are still arranging interviews over August. We have put together our top tips on helping you find your dream MarComms & Digital job this summer. Make sure your profi...

Author: Kate Maunder
Published: 14 Aug 2017

Is flexibility the key to your happiness?

The summer holidays may have come to an end and the panic of having to juggle work with the additional family commitments are over for another summer, however work life balance isn’t just an issue that affects parents, many of us have commitments outside of work, whether it’s looking after elderly parents, voluntary work, education, pets or just your own health and wellbeing and striking the balance can sometimes feel impossible. In a recent report by Lancaster University found flexible worki...

Author: Tanya Graham
Published: 31 Jul 2017

Three top tips for a successful telephone interview

Not all interviews are face to face and more organisations are conducting telephone interviews as part of the initial recruitment process. In many ways, they are no different to a face to face interview, but it can be more difficult to build a rapport with someone when they can’t see you and feed off each other’s body language, which can result in awkward silences. Here we have put together our top tips to consider and what to avoid! Prior to the call As with any interview, ensure you have do...

Author: Jo Hodge
Published: 14 Jun 2017

I quit! Five unusual ways to resign

Sometimes when a job doesn’t work out, a traditional resignation letter just doesn’t make a dramatic enough exit or let you express how you really feel. Here are five of the most bizarre ways people have handed in their notice. TPP would never recommend following any of these examples, especially when you want to stay working in the same sector. To find out how you should actually resign, see the end of the article. 1. Use your technical skills Some employees use their technical skills to mak...

Author: Sophie Butler
Published: 28 Sep 2016

How to make the most of your time in the office

You are rushing into the office from your long commute with five minutes to spare. You managed to grab a coffee but will forget to eat breakfast. You can already see you won’t have a lunch break today, as you have too much to do and wonder how you will get through all your work and leave at a reasonable time. Sound familiar? Read our 5 tips on how to make the most of your time in the office. 1. Prioritize It can be difficult to see which tasks are more important than others when you are juggl...

Author: Sophia Malaspina
Published: 20 Jul 2016

What not to say on your first day in a new job

The first day in a new job can be nerve wracking; you obviously want to impress your new manager and team and fit in, but it is all too easy to try too hard and say things which can leave a negative impression and even land you in trouble. In this month's career advice article we look at what you should avoid saying. 'In my last job we did things like this' No one likes a know it all and your new company may actually have a more effective way of doing things. However, if after training you fe...

Author: Jo Hodge
Published: 09 Jun 2016

3 Reasons to consider temporary work

Career Change Transitioning into a healthcare career can be quite challenging, therefore starting from an entry level role as an agency temp is a great way to make this gradual but highly beneficial change. Temping in a practice or healthcare organisation can be a great way to learn new medical skills and gain experience. Securing a long term role without the relevant clinical support experience can be difficult, working as a temp, you will be equipped with the skills needed to improve your f...

Author: Eniola Egbaiyelo
Published: 03 May 2016

Why temping is good for your career – at any level

There’s a wide variety of reasons why temping can provide valuable experience at any stage of your career. In this career advice article we look at the benefits of temping / contracting and how it can give your career a real boost. Learning new skills If you have been in a permanent role for a while with no opportunity to train or grow, then temping is a great way to advance your skills. It can help fill in skill gaps on your CV, which can then lead to future work and career progression. Furt...

Author: Penny Raven
Published: 22 Mar 2016

How to tackle interview activities

You have researched the organisation, practiced your competency based questions to prepare for your interview, but how will you handle other forms of interview selection, outside of a panel interview? It is common for organisations to adopt other forms of tests and assessments at some point in the interview process to give them more information to help them decide between candidates. We have put together a guide to help you prepare for some of the tests and activities you may be tasked with. ...

Author: Glen Manners
Published: 09 Sep 2015

Eight phrases you really need to stop using at work

Every office has words and phrases that you use internally and are part of the organisation’s culture, but some are just office jargon that don’t really mean anything and confuse rather than clarify. People often use empty phrases as a way of sounding impressive when they don’t really grasp the issue, and it can end up annoying colleagues intensely. If you catch yourself using any of these eight phrases, stop and have a think about what you’re really trying to say… Blue sky thinking A blue sk...

Author: Penny Antoniou
Published: 18 Aug 2015