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I quit! Five unusual ways to resign

Sometimes when a job doesn’t work out, a traditional resignation letter just doesn’t make a dramatic enough exit or let you express how you really feel. Here are five of the most bizarre ways people have handed in their notice. TPP would never recommend following any of these examples, especially when you want to stay working in the same sector. To find out how you should actually resign, see the end of the article.     1. Use your technical skills Some employees use their...

Author: Sophie Butler
Published: 28 Sep 2016

What not to say on your first day in a new job

The first day in a new job can be nerve wracking; you obviously want to impress your new manager and team and fit in, but it is all too easy to try too hard and say things which can leave a negative impression and even land you in trouble. In this month's career advice article we look at what you should avoid saying.   'In my last job we did things like this' No one likes a know it all and your new company may actually have a more effective way of doing things. However, ...

Author: Jo Hodge
Published: 09 Jun 2016