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Altogether Better - TPP launch inclusive recruitment grant

Posted on 11/03/2021 by Tracey George MIRP

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As is true for so many organisations, TPP has long been on their D&I journey but had to ask … how long was this journey going to take?  2020 put this question firmly on the boardroom agenda for many organisations!  This is good news for the human race, prosperity, happiness, innovation and definitely good news for business.

At TPP we have long been committed to equal opportunities and have always put people first, therein trying to cultivate an inclusive environment for all stakeholders, but has this been enough?  We believe we can do more and that the recruitment industry has a very important role to play. This was very apparent at a recent Westminster Employment Forum event attended by our COO Tracey George, on the subject of ‘Next steps for ethnic minority equality in the workplace’.  It was encouraging to learn that there was increasing evidence of the recruitment industry’s understanding and addressing of some of the issues faced and the vital role we can play.  It is no surprise then, that many organisations want to work with recruitment consultancies who are knowledgeable, pro-active, and truly committed to ED&I and not simply paying lip-service or ticking a box.  

At TPP we don’t claim to know it all, but we are working hard to be better, and we are listening.  We are listening to people - candidates, clients, employees and external partners such as Inclusive Employers and the Recruitment & Employment Confederation both of whom are actively engaged in educating, campaigning and supporting us on our ED&I journey.  We seek to understand and gather insights on issues relating to social mobility, progression of low paid workers, disability employment, the ageing working population, women in the workplace and improved representation of people from the LGBTQ+ community in work.   

We are in the unique position of being able to positively influence and impact so many organisations, showcasing best practice and facilitating a learning journey for all parties involved.  This is why TPP is committed to taking a proactive approach, taking tangible steps forward, investing where we need to and looking for ways to support organisations in a tailored and customised way.  We believe working in partnership is fundamental to our ability to do this and that is why at the heart of our approach, is curiosity, a genuine interest, and a desire to support change.  

Altogether Better – TPP’s Inclusive Recruitment Grant is an initiative that bred out of our desire to share best practice, support a learning journey for organisations and ourselves and most importantly, give all people a fair and equal chance of securing and retaining fulfilling work.  Additionally, in our attempt to be inclusive, we wanted to remove the barrier of ‘cost’ from the equation too.

If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting new initiative and how you could work with TPP, free of charge, on your next recruitment campaign, whilst adopting an inclusive recruitment process and learning along the way, then you can find out more here.