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Returning from furlough

Posted on 25/02/2021 by Sean Fallows

Working From Home

I’m back from furlough and it feels good!

After 9 months of furlough or perhaps even a little longer returning to work can be somewhat of an exciting and daunting prospect, all rolled into one at the same time! I know, I’ve recently returned to my role within the fundraising and development team at TPP.

Whilst some things will have undoubtedly changed others will almost certainly have stayed the same, finding the balance between the two whilst almost probably working from home for all of your working hours will require some patience and a good adjustment period for sure.

So in light of this here are some thoughts that I have recently discovered, which I hope may help you.

Be kind

Be kind to yourself and remember that any task worth doing is worth doing well. So sit at your desk and address one task at a time giving it the attention it deserves. Try not to put yourself under large amounts of pressure. Each piece of the machine will work again once each piece has been carefully tended to.

Write a to do list

Write out your to do list and slowly but surely work through it, allowing time to take in new practices and procedures along the way. After all, as the famous saying goes ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Nor a week I suspect either!

I have encountered a variety of obstacles, particularly in my first few weeks being back, to include even my laptop (my work lifeline) not wanting to function at all. But I have not let this deter me or dampen my spirits, my laptop simply needed some tlc and now it is back fighting stronger than ever before. I say to everyone who finds themselves in similar positions, it is not the obstacle itself but how you deal with the obstacle that will matter and make the difference to its outcome and ultimately to your working day.

Keep working through your tasks, being methodical where possible in your approach and if something unexpected happens or your attention is redirected – that’s okay. Take it in your stride and act accordingly and as best as you can.

Do your research

Read an article, speak to a colleague, watch a relevant clip or video, ask Google a question. You will feel so much more informed and armed to face your day with positivity and success.

To give you a few examples TPP have recently updated their diversity and inclusion section on the website, including launching our Inclusive Recruitment Guide, so I read this thoroughly and have been speaking to colleagues about diversity and inclusion on a regular basis.

Similarly, there have been recent changes in employment law and agency guidelines, so I have partaken in online internal training sessions to get myself fully up to speed, as well as researching the new laws online.

Knowledge helps us all to carry out our day-to-day duties and constantly learning and expanding our knowledge can only help us and those around us to a greater degree.

Take regular short breaks

Productivity levels will naturally be higher when the body and mind are in the zone and can effectively work in harmony. Therefore, do not forget to get up from your desk and move your legs and arms occasionally even if just for a minute this will get a feeling of exhilaration moving around the body.

Equally, however small your workspace is, ensuring it is workable for you and set up to accommodate your working style will be key. So, if you need a pop of colour on your desk or a little lamp for some extra light ensure these are placed in your workspace to help you.

Change is never easy at the best of times let alone in the middle of a pandemic so remember this as you embark on your return to work and allow yourself time to readjust and never be afraid to reach out for help.

If you are unsure of how to follow a new procedure, ask and equally if you are struggling to cope mentally, talk to someone. After all we are all in this together and we will come out of it together too.

Our inbox is always open if anyone wants to chat further on what has helped you on returning to work, we can be reached at