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SEO - Increasing the visibility of your CV

Posted on 14/09/2020 by Sophie Butler

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With the end of the furlough scheme rapidly approaching and the volume of live vacancies remaining low across the non-profit sector, it is inevitable that the candidate market will become saturated with talented individuals seeking work as this rather strange year draws to an end. Saying that, we have certainly seen some green shoots. 

If you are seeking a new opportunity iis important that you consider the SEO performance of your CV, to potentially stand out from the competition. 

Wikipedia’s definition of ‘search engine optimisation' (SEO) is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing visibility. 

This may appear irrelevant to you as a jobseeker, but I will try to explain why it is in fact very relevant and useful to know. 

Whether you have  CV registered online, with a recruitment agency or are open to opportunities on LI, the recruiter/hiring manager will need to find you in the first instance – usually, this will be done by searching on key words and/or phrases relating to the job description, or in some cases by using automated tools to assist in the process. They will then be scanning the CV to quickly ascertain relevant experience relating to the role.  A good recruitment process should never rely solely on SEO to help with hiring but it is an important step in the process that you will need to be prepared for. It is important however to stress that this is often just one part of the process and when used correctly it simply helps to identify key essential skills and is not used as an isolated tool for hiring. The reality is that advances in tech have meant that search functions are now very advanced and overall enhance the recruitment process (as they do in many other walks of life).   

With this reality in mind, you need to ensure your CV appears high up in their search results to give yourself the best possible chance of being noticed in the first place.   

  • Look at your CV, are all the key words/phrases/skills noted for your area of expertise?   
  • Think about common abbreviations and be sure to include the full terminology as well as any common acronyms 
  • Ensure you specify details, let’s take CRMs an easy example; have you noted experienced using various accounting packages, yet the hirer is searching for someone with experience of Sage Line 50?   
  • Spelling mistakes are another hurdle, such as Razors Edge versus Raiser's Edge or Manger versus Manager 
  • Internal terminology can also be problematic, along with unique job titles, so think about adding a more commonly donned phrase or title in brackets 
  • If you are applying for a specific role, take the time to read the job description and person specification and make sure the language on your CV replicates theirs - obviously it goes without saying, do not include any skills or experience you do not have 

All of the above can impact the SEO performance on your CV and therefore your chance of securing the ultimate objection of an interview. 

With hiring teams under pressure like never before and the volume of applicants applying for roles having already increased by a 25average (based on applications to TPP advertised roles during Summer of 2020)the initial long listing is likely to take place in such a manner and only then will the person responsible for shortlisting, start to sift through the applications and delve deeper into your experience and suitability, so give yourself the best chance and think about SEO. 

Here at TPP, we take the time to fully register jobseekers and meet with them (in person or virtually) to fully understand and qualify their skills and experience,  motivations for looking for new opportunities anto gain a thorough overview of what value they can add to our clients.  This is where the use of a consultancy such as TPP can really benefit you as a jobseeker.  We will ensure that when you are presented to a client they will not only have access to your CV (with high performing SEO capability ;-)) but they will also be given information about you that we have gathered that may not be apparent from your CV and that no automated system can assimilate, making your application stronger and  representing you in a more holistic way

Our team of dedicated consultants are on hand and happy to review your CV and give you specific hints and tips to aid your search.