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5 top tips for adapting to change

Posted on 10/08/2020 by Jayne Morris

Changes in 2020

The one thing it seems we can all rely on at the moment is change.  Day to day things change, this could be because we plan for it and it is good and positive and related to our goals, however, it could be negative change which is harder to handle. 


We’re all currently experiencing a lot of change, the pandemic has pretty much affected everyone’s lives in many ways across all areas.  Some change has been good, having positively impacted our lives, however, many people have faced unexpected and more challenging outcomes, particularly at work with many people facing structural change or redundancy. 


Dealing with negative events effectively can help you restore balance, regain control, and reduce the impact on your wellbeing.  Try these coping strategies: 


Give yourself time to reflect and plan – what do you need to do, who can help you, how can you reach out to them?  Could you find a personal or professsional mentor or coach to support you with this process? 


Have a written plan, a “to do” list – getting your thoughts on paper helps you to focus and keep on track.  When adding to your list, ensure that these tasks or activities are well aligned with your goals and aims, this will ensure you stay focussed. 


Talk to others and access support – change is stressful however there are plenty of resources you can use to help and growing a strong support network is essential.  You could consider joining support groups, volunteeringhobby clubs, sports teams and as we have all discovered the online support available through events, networking and social media are excellent too.  You may  of course also have family, friends or colleagues in the same boat and can support each other. 


Break a problem down into small chunks – you will feel less overwhelmed and organised, prioritise and do what is important first (must do, should do, could do).  Understanding the difference between a problem that you can take steps to solve and those that are out of your control, is one way to help with clarity and ensures you work on solving the right problems. 


Create time for yourself – make a conscious decision to do something for you, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that self-care is an extremely important factor in our ability to cope during challenging times.  This could be exercise, relaxation or something creative. 


TPP Recruitment have always supported jobseekers and during this period of such disruption and uncertainty have created an Employability Support Hub for jobseekers.  This hub is packed with resources, advice and videos which can help you, you can also request a callback and speak to a Consultant one to one.  You can also contact us via phone on 020 7198 6000.