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Added Stress on NHS Staff - How to Manage the Additional Pressure

Posted on 15/04/2020 by Grace Keenan

Tired worker

It is no secret that the NHS is stretched at the moment; but with the rise of COVID-19 and additional pressure being put on NHS GP surgeries, what can you do at home to help manage the stress?

Receptionists, Administrators and other non-clinical NHS team members have seen a significant change to their day-to-day roles, with most GP surgeries no longer holding face to face appointments. Alongside a change in roles, many receptionists have seen an increase in the number of frustrated patients calling the surgeries, which can be difficult for both the receptionist and the patient.

So, what can you do to remain calm and put your mental health and wellness first?

  1. Talk about your day:

Talking with your colleagues, friends or family can relieve stress and help to put things into perspective.

  1. Check your surgery’s policy:

It is important to keep in mind that NHS GP surgeries will hold a zero-tolerance policy towards abusive patients.

  1. Take time to yourself:

Set time aside each day to do something you enjoy. For example, 30 minutes of exercise, reading a book or watching your favourite TV show can all help you to unwind or learning something new

  1. Download Apps:

There are plenty of meditation and relaxation apps available to download for free such as My Wellness Guide, Simple Habit: Wellness and Sleep & Aura: Meditation and Mindfulness; visit

TPP’s Healthcare Team provides temporary shifts that are a great way of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our recruitment is candidate lead so the shifts you are offered are tailored to your availability. The GP surgeries we work with are supportive of flexible hours and have previously made amendments to ongoing bookings to help staff members who need more flexible working arrangements.

If you are looking to work more flexibly or pick-up additional shifts please contact the Healthcare Team on 0207 198 6080 or email us at