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How does your candidate journey measure up?

Posted on 28/03/2019 by Diane Duberry

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Run an internet search on results of poor customer service and you will find hundreds of surveys and statistics on how this impacts an organisation: how the customer will share this negative experience with friends and family; how they may never use that organisation’s services again and how brand and reputation can be damaged. 

Yet what is the impact of a negative candidate experience? 

Having worked within the recruitment sector for over 20 years, I have seen lots of positive changes in candidate attraction such as a focus on improving interviewing skills for managers and investment in dedicated talent personnel, but one of the most negative experiences for candidates is lack of communication during and after the recruitment process. 

There is brilliant recruitment software and applicant tracking systems on the market, but, whilst these are monitoring and reporting on applicants to jobs and interviews to offer, can these systems measure the candidate experience? Is there too much reliance on these systems when it comes to communicating with candidates?

Would you be satisfied with an automated “no thank you” after spending 2 hours putting together an application form and cover letter?

Would you be satisfied with zero feedback, 2 weeks after taking a day off to attend an interview?

It is important to remember, that many candidates apply to work in a certain organisation as they are aligned to it in some way. They may be passionate about the charity or the cause it supports. They may be a lifelong donor or a volunteer.  

Treat them badly at this stage and, it’s unlikely they’ll continue to feel the same. They may even stop their regular donations to the charity or discontinue volunteering with them.

Here at TPP we closely monitor the number of vacancies we take on to the number we successfully fill.   Not surprisingly, the clients we have the highest fill rates with are the best at communicating.  They are mindful that we are their brand ambassador and are representing their organisation when recruiting for them.  They work in true partnership with TPP, so we understand their organisation’s visions, goals and values. They respect the candidate’s time and provide full job briefs along with timelines so we can manage candidate expectations and keep them fully informed during the recruitment process. Comprehensive feedback is given, both negative and positive so this can be effectively communicated to candidates and, if negative, we can provide advice and support for the future.

Even if a candidate is unsuccessful, they will remain positive about an organisation if their recruitment journey is a positive one and strong communication is the first step.

If you would like any advice or support regarding a positive candidate journey, please feel free to contact me | 020 7198 6110.