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Equality and diversity in Higher Education: TPP’s top ten tips on recruiting!

Posted on 13/07/2018 by Samantha Johnston

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  • Ensure university boards are representative: Having a diverse board is a great starting point for ensuring your university has a diverse workforce. ENEI research into inclusivity in the workplace has shown that it is something that needs to be fostered from the top down.
  • Advertise your roles widely: To recruit a diverse workforce it’s important to advertise roles on a variety of job boards. Work with an agency that uses a variety of methods to source candidates. At TPP we advertise on a variety of national job boards and sector specialist boards.
  • Blind recruiting: Blind recruiting involves the removal of all personal information from applications (including names, gender indication, nationality, and even the university attended) to eliminate unconscious bias during the recruitment process. Applications are reviewed, based purely on skill set and experience. UCAS currently use name-blind applications, and this practice is becoming increasingly widespread in the sector.
  • Make sure you have a diverse interview panel: Interviewing can be subjective with people tending to hire candidates like themselves.
  • Interview at least one diverse candidate: The Rooney Rule is a National Football League policy that requires teams to interview minority coaches which dramatically improved minority hiring.
  • Interview fairly: Use a point scoring system to ensure the best candidate on the day gets the job. Read our expert advice on interviews here.
  • Avoid cloning employees: It can be tempting to look at your best, more productive employees and think “we need someone just like them.” Having a team who all have a similar background and similar points of view can easily lead to a lack of new ideas.
    Read our blog post about hiring clone employees here.
  • Review your gender pay gap: Measure and review your gender pay gap and take action wherever possible to ensure men and women are paid equally for identical roles.
  • Retention: Allow flexible working to retain staff. This is especially important for working parents, people with disabilities and older candidates.
  • Create and promote a culture for inclusion: Having a diverse workforce is only part of the culture for inclusion, but if it is not an inclusive environment, staff may begin to seek out other opportunities. Research shows that organisations with an inclusive environment are more creative and innovative, with higher levels of employee trust and retention.

At TPP Recruitment we understand the importance of equality and diversity. TPP is an associate member of the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei), the UK’s leading employer network covering all aspects of equality and inclusion issues in the workplace. To find out more about how we can support you with your recruitment practices, please get in touch on 020 7198 6090 or email