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World Homeless Day Reception at the House of Lords

Posted on 12/10/2017 by

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Today I attended the World Homeless Day Reception at the House of Lords.

This very special day was engineered by Caritas Anchor House, a social action charity that supports people affected by homelessness, drugs, alcohol or domestic abuse. This fantastic organisation provides temporary accommodation to help assist people stand on their own two feet and help over 220 people each year, also providing education, training and employment support.

Guest speakers included Newsreader and Patron, Julie Etchingham, Field Marshall Lord Guthrie and The Big Issue Founder, John Bird. The highlight of the afternoon for many, including myself, had to be when Anchor House residents, Patrick Barrett and John Abegunde told their heartfelt stories of life on the streets and the impact that Caritas Anchor House has had on their lives. Both Patrick and John, spoke of the staff and fellow residents as a family and the support network to help them make significate changes or advances in life, to help distance themselves from the unimaginably dark times that preceded their introduction to Caritas Anchor House.

I can’t recall a time I was more moved than when listening to John and Patricks open and honest life experiences and we wish them both and the rest of Caritas Anchor House residents all the best for future.

Myself and my colleague, Joanne Harrington look forward to volunteering in the near future, delivering employability and interview tips.