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Is flexibility the key to your happiness?

Posted on 31/07/2017 by Tanya Graham

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The summer holidays may have come to an end and the panic of having to juggle 
work with the additional family commitments are over for another summer, however work life balance isn’t just an issue that affects parents, many of us have commitments outside of work, whether it’s looking after elderly parents, voluntary work, education, pets or just your own health and wellbeing and striking the balance can sometimes feel impossible.

In a recent report by Lancaster University found flexible working will be the main way of working for a whopping 70% of organisations by 2020. If you can’t wait that long and your current organisation isn’t one of the 50% that currently offer flexible working, then maybe it’s time to start to look for an organisation that does.

Before applying for the first role that offers you the chance to work from home it’s important to consider a few points first:

  •  I’m so lonely – In the same survey by Lancaster University 22% of those surveyed said that home working made them feel disconnected from the office. Home working isn’t for everyone, some people need hubbub to thrive. Think about the kind of personality you are, are you easily distracted, do you lack self-motivation and most importantly would you miss hearing about Julie from HR’s date on Friday.
  • From a distance – Think about the role, if the role is a management position do you think you could effectively manage your team remotely? 28% of those surveyed thought homeworking would be a hindrance in overseeing the work of others.
  • Time – If you are thinking of reducing your hours, working compressed hours or are just taking advantage of some flexitime you must make sure you allow yourself the time to complete the work you are assigned.
  • Money -  this goes without saying, if you are reducing your hours make sure you run the numbers, can you really afford to drop a day?
  • Always get it in writing – make sure that any elements of flexible working are part of your contract before you sign.

Every year TPP carry out salary surveys  which can be useful if you are thinking of changing jobs and want to know what others in your field are getting paid.

 If you would like to take part in this year’s survey please click here.

The summer holidays are a perfect time to reassess what you want from your career, whether it’s more time at home with the family, a step up or you just want to slow down a little. Use the time over the holidays when work can sometimes be a little quieter to refresh your CV, do a little research on organisations you have always wanted to work with or maybe do some sums to see if you can work fewer hours.  

If you would like help in your job search or advice on flexible working please contact the Fundraising and Development team who recruit fabulous fundraisers and other charity professionals in London and across the regions. Get in touch with our TPP Fundraising & Development team today on 020 7198 6040 or send an email to