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TPP Brexit Poll

Posted on 5/07/2016 by

Union Jack Sml

TPP Recruitment ran a mini poll last week to try and judge charity employees’ confidence in the future of their organisation, post-referendum.

The poll shows that not for profits are definitely worried about the impact of Brexit, with over 76% feeling increasingly concerned about the future of their organisation. However, 19% feel they are unlikely to be affected and 4% actually feel the future now looks more positive.


Significant political uncertainty, a likely upcoming general election, volatile markets, looming recession and the loss of EU funding are all likely to be helping to fuel this concern.

However, while the sector is anxious to find some clarity about their future, this is unlikely to happen in the near future. Article 50 will not be triggered for some time, and negotiations will take years after that.  In the meantime, demand for the valuable services that charities provide will remain, so it’s important that the sector can carry on as normal for the time being.

The NCVO feels that, while the impact of Brexit in the short term will be over-estimated, long-term impact is likely to be under-estimated, so while organisations should be careful not to panic right now, it's also important not to become complacent during the lengthy negotiation period.

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