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What not to say on your first day in a new job

Posted on 9/06/2016 by Jo Hodge

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The first day in a new job can be nerve wracking; you obviously want to impress your new manager and team and fit in, but it is all too easy to try too hard and say things which can leave a negative impression and even land you in trouble. In this month's career advice article we look at what you should avoid saying.

'In my last job we did things like this'

No one likes a know it all and your new company may actually have a more effective way of doing things. However, if after training you feel you have suggestions that would make processes easier, then by all means bring this up your manager. 

'When will I have a pay review?'

Pay and benefits should be discussed in reviews, appraisals and probationary meetings. If you would like a pay review then bring this subject up at your probation meeting and ask what you need to do in order to receive a salary increase and ensure you have done your research on salaries. 

'I need to leave early tonight' 

In an ideal world you don't want to ask to leave early on your first day or week. However if you do have genuine commitments that require you to leave early, make sure your employer/ manager is aware before you start on your first day. 

'My old boss was useless'

Negative complaints are rarely welcomed and they can be seen as unprofessional. Focus on building a good personal brand. If you complain abut your old boss behind their back, your new boss is likely to suspect you'll be doing the same to them. 

'Who should I avoid?'

This can come across as gossiping, just becuase one person doesn't get along with someone, this may not be the views of the whole office. Take time to get to know people in your team and decide for yourself. 

'Sorry I'm late'

There is nothing worse than being late on your first day. Obviously it can't always be helped,  however ensure you leave extra time to test your journey on the first day and if you do run into transport trouble, contact your manager as soon as possible with an estimated time of arrival. 

If you are nervous about starting your new role, remember your TPP consultant is available and here to help you settle into your new job. They can be reached on 020 7198 6000. For further career advice visit our webiste