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Fundraisers: Your recruitment consultant can be a partner for life

Posted on 22/06/2016 by


Recruitment is very much like fundraising, in that both disciplines rely on developing and maintaining relationships. While it is possible to get a job through an agency without really engaging with them in any way, to really get the most benefit over the long term it’s worth investing a little time in building a good relationship with your recruiter.

TPP take the time to get to know both our clients and candidates, so we can make sure there’s a good match before we submit you for a role. That’s why we’ll always ask you to meet with us; so we can get to know you, discuss your long-term career aspirations and how we can help you meet them and give you advice on presenting both your CV and yourself in the best possible light.

Our clients know that we do this and that we only submit candidates we think are genuinely right for that role, which means they often give us jobs on an exclusive basis. In fact, clients have often created roles that didn’t previously exist especially for candidates we have recommended to them.

We know that it can be difficult to take time out from your day to meet up, but as these quotes from previous successful TPP candidates show, it really pays off in the long term:

“Emily was recommended to me personally by a friend of mine. From the outset in our first introductory meeting, Emily understood the types of roles and organisations I wanted to go for, and gave me sound advice on the best possible way I could position myself to get in front of my target charities for interview stage, including help with detailed covering letters and presentations. I was placed within my current role in just over a month of having met with Emily, and was offered guidance and updates at every step of the way.”

“Ashby was so incredibly helpful and professional and really took the time to get to know me as an individual and also in terms of career aspirations, skills etc... I've dealt with a number of recruiters who have been brash, unresponsive (particularly if a second interview hasn't been secured!) and haven't listened to what my 'wishlist' for my next move is. Ashby was proactive in setting up a proper phone chat when she ran the RBL role by me initially and when we met over lunchtime (she kindly came to me!), running through potential interview questions was invaluable and I really took a couple of specific tips away with me.”

“Marianne was great and played her role really well. In fact it was her better understanding of the charity and role that meant I chose to go with TPP as I was approached by another agency with the role at the same time.”

“I felt the meeting I had was very helpful and the job application process I went through with TPP was brilliant. I was always kept up-to-date and it certainly made me feel more confident going into the interviews.”

We recently conducted some research into the things that frustrate candidates when dealing with recruiters. Top of the list came poor communication and a lack of feedback. Ironically, these are also exactly the things that frustrate us when dealing with jobseekers. When candidates don’t turn up to interviews we’ve arranged or cancel at the last minute, it’s not just disappointing for us, but also can damage both our and your relationship with the client. Fundraising is a small sector and a poor experience with a candidate can mean an organisation is unlikely to consider them again in the future.

We know that requirements change and the unexpected can happen, so all we ask is that you let us know if things change as soon as possible. We can then ensure the employer knows and that your relationship with them stays undamaged.

TPP Fundraising have worked with some of our candidates for many years, finding them their ideal role for each stage of their career, so we know it’s worth focussing on long-term relationships. A small amount of time spent working together can us can help set up a relationship that will support you for the rest of your working life.

We look forward to working together with you!