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3 Reasons to consider temporary work

Posted on 3/05/2016 by

Temporary Recruitment

Career Change

Transitioning into a healthcare career can be quite challenging, therefore starting from an entry level role as an agency temp is a great way to make this gradual but highly beneficial change. Temping in a practice or healthcare organisation can be a great way to learn new medical skills and gain experience. Securing a long term role without the relevant clinical support experience can be difficult, working as a temp, you will be equipped with the skills needed to improve your future employability within a healthcare organisation. Experimenting across different medical disciplines as a temporary worker allows you to find what interests you most before committing to specialist area permanently. New offices, locations and environments can give individuals an insight into what working conditions they could potentially adapt to.


Do you enjoy travelling? Do you have commitments that make it difficult to commit to a permanent position? Temporary work can be an excellent way to keep your clinical skills up to date whilst you attend to other commitments throughout your career, return to work after a career break or perhaps in between permanent roles. With a temporary healthcare arrangement, you are in control of which positions you take up, allowing you to work when you choose. Temporary workers can enjoy the flexibility of being able to fit work around their lives. If you are thinking of taking up a part time or contract healthcare position as a temp, you have the advantage of not being tied into a position, making it easier for you to leave the organisation. It is also common for temp workers to give as short as 1 or 2 week notice periods.

A Path to Permanent Employment

The employment market as we all know is highly competitive currently with hundreds of candidates applying for receptionist, clinical and non-clinical positions. Therefore, temporary work is a great way to ‘get your foot through the door’ of a practice or healthcare organisation you wish to work for or perhaps one with similar goals and values. Employers as well as agencies also sometimes find that candidates who do not necessarily shine at the interview process could end up being the right fit for a role when provided with an opportunity to work in same role as a temp. Temporary employment is an excellent opportunity to prove your value to a practice or healthcare organisation. You are able to demonstrate why you would be a key addition in a permanent position.  

If you’re looking for a temporary or permanent position within a practice or healthcare organisation TPP Healthcare can help. Our dedicated consultants have an in depth understanding of the sector and will use specialist knowledge of the market to find your ideal role. Please contact us on 020 7198 6080 or email and we will be happy to assist you.