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UK Voluntary Sector Workforce 2016

Posted on 13/04/2016 by

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Recent research released by the NCVO and the FSI has given us a great insight into the voluntary sector workforce.

Data from the NCVO UK Civil Society Almanac 2016:

In March 2015, 827,000 people were employed in the UK voluntary sector- an increase of 55,000 over the last two years. If th workforce continues to expand at the current rate, we are likely to hit 1 million employees in 2020.

Women make up around two thirds of the voluntary sector workforce.

Nearly 40% of the voluntary sector workforce work on a part-time basis, compared with 29% in the public sector and 25% in the private sector.

Over 90% of employees are on a permanent contract. The remainder are either on a fixed-term contract or temping.

Voluntary sector employees are on average slightly older than those in other sector. 27% of employees are aged fifty and over, compared to 26% in the public sector and 21% in the private sector.

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