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How TPP Can Save You Time

Posted on 26/01/2016 by Jo Hodge


Are you planning to recruit support staff in-house to save on recruitment fees?

At TPP, we have been conducting some research into the average time taken to recruit in-house for a junior support role. At this level, roles advertised tend to get an extremely high level of responses, which makes assessing candidates very time-consuming.

  • A role paying around £25,000 pa can generate 200 initial responses and take nearly a week and a half of your time to fill

  • Advertising a role on a single online job board costs £100-750, or up to £2000 for a print advertisement

  • If your chosen candidate does not accept your offer, you may have to start the process all over again

  • If the candidate leaves soon after starting, you’ll have to pay for the entire recruitment process once more, plus costs lost on training and induction

Recruit through TPP and we’ll handle the entire first-stage recruitment process for you. You won’t have to wade through application forms or conduct first-stage interviews; freeing up your valuable time to devote to more profitable areas of your role.

We’ll also manage the job offer process and any salary negotiations it may involve.

Advertising your role with TPP

  • We interview all candidates in person and check their eligibility to work in the UK before sending on  their CVs, so you won’t waste your time evaluating applicants who may not be suitable.

  • We will discuss your role in detail with the candidates we put forward, ensuring that they are suitable, interested and motivated. TPP will advertise your role on a variety of specialist and generalist job boards, giving you increased reach and diversity.

  • We only charge for a successful placement, and we guarantee all permanent roles for up to 10 weeks, ensuring you get value for money.

  • And if you place your role exclusively with TPP, we’ll reduce our fees, giving you even more value for money.

How TPP can save you time

For more information on how recruiting through TPP can save you time and money, contact us or 020 7198 6000.

Recruiting in-house for a junior support role paying around £25,000 pa can generate 200 responses and take up nearly one and a half weeks of your time, as shown in the breakdown below.


Activity Details Man Hours
Writing and uploading job ad onto multiple job boards & social media channels   4
Reviewing initial responses from ad & sending out 
application forms
200 @ 5 mins each  17
Reviewing application forms & checking UK eligibility 150 @ 10 mins each  25
Invite candidates to 1st stage interview  6 @ 15 mins each 2
1st stage interviews 6 @ 1 hour each 6
Write and inform unsuitable 1st stage candidates & 
supply feedback
3 @ 15 mins each  1
Invite candidates to 2nd stage interview 3 @ 15 mins each  1
Write and inform unsuitable 2nd stage candidates & 
supply feedback
2 @ 15 mins each 1
Offer process and salary negotiations Varies from role to 
TOTAL   57 hours
(1.4 weeks)