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Why you need to move fast in fundraising recruitment

Posted on 29/07/2015 by


As the economy continues to improve, the mood in the voluntary sector has become much more optimistic and charities have started to plan for growth. This has led to an increase in the number of vacancies being advertised, but unfortunately the pool of candidates is not growing at the same rate. This has led to increased competition between charities for the best candidates.

We are increasingly finding that the organisations that can move the fastest in the recruitment process are ending up with the best candidates. This is particularly true at the moment, as delays due to summer holidays etc mean that it can take a long time to get approval for recruitment decisions.

TPP’s advice is that working to a deadline may not be the most effective method to recruit at the moment. Instead, we advise our clients to look at applications as soon as they come in and invite any candidates that meet your criteria for interview then.

For example, in a recent job we were recruiting for, there was a week’s delay between deadline and interview, which meant that the preferred candidate had time to apply for other roles. When an offer was made, this candidate had interviewed elsewhere, and they turned the offer down to accept another position. Due to the candidate-short market, the charity had no back up candidate and due to their delay, now have to restart the recruitment process.

Similarly, in the interview process, it’s always a good idea to see multiple candidates for comparison purposes but sticking rigidly to this when you’ve already met your ideal candidate can mean losing a good fundraiser to another charity. Using the role profile to assess each candidate, rather than comparing them to others, can help you to move faster.

In another example, when a TPP candidate was interviewed for a senior role, the client wished to also see other candidates for comparison. Following a really successful second stage interview, we raised our concerns about delaying the process. The client agreed that in fact, she matched the profile perfectly, and an offer was made on the same day as an offer from another charity. This candidate was a perfect match for the role but would definitely have found a new role if they had waited to see comparisons.

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