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UK Voluntary Sector Workforce

Posted on 16/06/2015 by


Recent research released by the NCVO and the FSI has given us a great insight into the voluntary sector workforce.

Data from the NCVO UK Civil Society Almanac 2015:

In March 2014, 821,000 people were employed in the UK voluntary sector - an increase of 50,000 over the last two years. If the workforce continues to expand at the current rate, we are likely to hit 1 million employees in 2020.

Women make up around two thirds of the voluntary sector workforce.

Nearly 40% of the voluntary sector workforce work on a part-time basis, compared with 30% in the public sector and 25% in the private sector.

Nearly 90% of employees are on a permanent contract. The remainder are either on a fixed-term contract or temping.

Voluntary sector employees are on average slightly older than those in other sectors. 38% of employees are aged fifty and over, compared to 34% in the public sector and 28% in the private sector.

Data from the Foundation for Social Improvement's UK Small Charity Sector Skills Survey 2014/15

Fundraisers are by far the hardest role for charities to fill - these jobs are over 3 times harder to fill than the next most difficult vacancy.

There appear to be wide variations in the difficulty of recruiting for roles within charities. The majority find recruitment "somewhat easy - depending on the role recruited for". Problems mentioned in recruiting include salary, not enough funds to advertise widely and applicants' lack of specialist skills and experience.

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