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Nursing for a Charity

Posted on 13/04/2015 by Jo Hodge

Nurse Pay

Nursing for a charity can be highly rewarding

The nature and level of jobs in charities with an increased demand are varied and but the main prerequisite is that they are aimed at candidates who have either qualified in the UK and have their NMC numbers or are Nurses who have come from abroad but have the experience required.

The Trend

According to industry experts, the trend is even stronger with an increasing number of charity clients recruiting for nursing roles at all levels and all disciplines. There seems to be a distinct lack of UK qualified Nurses who are NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council) registered. However, we are witnessing a real boom within the charity sector as many voluntary organisations are being awarded contracts from the NHS to provide services.

Nurses with relevant qualifications and experience are very placed in exploring recruitment opportunities in charities and the third sector in general. Career prospects are getting broader and Nurses can find new ways of improving applying their skills.

Another emerging trend is the increasing number of nurses who are choosing to move and work abroad as the pay and conditions tend to be better than within the NHS.

What are the benefits of nursing for a charity? Views of working hours

More and more charities are improving their salary structures and many are now running alongside those bandings set by the NHS and also the private sector as they want to be able to recruit the best people for their roles and realise that they have to compete effectively.

Nursing for a charity can also have a further positive impact on your working life. For example having flexible working hours, work that fits with home life or having advanced warning of working hours. While all three of these aspects of working hours are significant, having advanced warning of their working hours is considered one of the most important since it allows for a better life/work balance.

Opportunities and benefits are increasing for nurses looking to work in an environment that's interesting, rewarding and challenging, and are able to use their qualifications at the charity sector. The competition is getting stronger and consequently salaries and conditions have also improved and "caught up" with both the NHS and private sector. Nursing for a charity can be so varied from running clinics for a family planning charity to supporting patients with HIV/AIDS. Nursing within the NHS can be rewarding but many nurses that have made the transition already feel that their career prospects have improved.