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Ageism in recruitment

Posted on 10/03/2015 by

Age Discrimination

You may have read about the upcoming report by Dr Ros Altmann, the Government's champion for the rights of older workers criticising recruiters for age discrimination.

Altmann says “there is evidence to show there is an in-built bias among recruitment firms and employers with regard to employing the over-50s. I am recommending that there should be proper penalties for employers who flout the law. Recruitment firms should be taken to the EHRC if they do not abide by rules that will ensure fairness for older people wanting to find work.”

At TPP, we wholeheartedly support Dr Altmann's recommendations. As a member of TAEN (The Age and Employment Network) and enei (Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion) we take every opportunity to promote diversity and equality, and our staff regularly volunteer to work with organisations promoting employment for disadvantaged groups.

Find out about our TPP and Equal Opportunities here. You can read a recent article by TPP Consultant Glen Manners calling for the charity sector to lead the fight against ageism in recruitment.