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Our top tips on using LinkedIn effectively for job hunting

Posted on 7/11/2014 by Jo Hodge



Firstly, if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to create an account at

You will notice it tells you how complete your profile is on the right. 

You should work towards 100% completion. You will either be a Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Expert or All-Star

(Although All-Star doesn’t look like it’s 100% complete, this is the highest level)

To achieve ‘all-star’, you need to complete the following sections of your profile:

  • Industry/location
  • Current position & description
  • 2 past Education entries
  • Skills (minimum of 3)
  • Profile photo
  • Minimum of 50 connections.

Sector – should be relevant to your experience/ field you have worked in

Headline – include keywords (words people are likely to use when searching for profiles like yours) – eg Charity Web Developer

Summary – Not job description. Brief summary of you and what you specialise in. Include voluntary work and call to action eg ‘For more details, contact me at…….’

Picture – This should be a professional headshot of you, not a group picture or picture of you partying!

Contact Info

Make your postcode relevant for the areas you want to work in, don’t automatically use your home postcode. Industry should be the area of work you work in eg ‘Nonprofit Organisation Management’

Websites – Got to edit profile – click edit – websites – select ‘other.’ Don’t necessarily select your company website, instead use sites that are relevant to you and your job search, ie your own personal website.

Get a personalised URL – Click on edit next to your current URL, then edit on the right hand side. You can also customize your public profile and how you appear on Google, Yahoo!, Bing search results. To stand out you might want to make your picture visible.


Specialities – this can be a list and should contain relevant keywords, ie SAP, Windows etc.

You can add relevant Media here, ie blogs you have written, links to presentations/ videos you have created.


Include your work history, past positions, job titles, dates and main duties/ experience. Ensure this is accurate, doesn’t have any gaps, and matches your current CV.

Additional Info

It is worth adding your interests; people like to make a connection based on these. Only include relevant personal info – especially your birthday! People will be alerted when it is your birthday and it is good visibility for you!

Volunteering/ Courses/ Education

Volunteer experience – Include any relevant volunteering experience

Courses – Include any courses you have attended

Include all formal qualifications, especially those relevant to your job search.

Skills & Endorsements/ Recommendations

Contacts can endorse your skills, ask them to endorse you or endorse them and they will usually reciprocate

Work on recommendations – It should be a credible source, Managers or past employers. Offer to write a recommendation for them in exchange.


(You can join up to 50 groups.) Joining groups allows you to connect to more individuals and your makes your network larger.

Once you have set up your profile, take some time to search for groups that are relevant to your sector and request to join them.

Privacy & Settings

To amend who can see what elements of your profile, go to settings on the right hand top of the screen, hover over your picture to access your privacy & settings.

Profile Settings 

Select who can see your activity feed – This should be turned on so you remain visible

Select who can see your connections – This determines whether people can see your list of connections.

Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile – This determines whether people can tell if you have looked at their profile, you can select it to anonymous, someone at *employer name* or your name and headline. It may be useful to change between anonymous and your name and your name and headline.

You can manage Twitter and WeChat settings here - This allows you to display Twitter updates on your newsfeed. Only do this if you Twitter and WeChat pages are professional and not for personal updates.

Groups, Companies & Applications

Turn on/off data sharing with 3rd party applications -  Uncheck ‘Yes, share my data with third party applications’ if you do not wish to share your data.


Manage Advertising Preferences - Here you can choose whether you are happy for LinkedIn to use cookies and similar technologies on third party sites to understand your browsing interest and target ads and personalize services accordingly.