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Digital Skills Report reveals a shocking 50% of charities don't have a digital strategy

Almost 500 charity professionals were surveyed for the Charity Digital Skills Report, run by Zoe Amar in collaboration with Skills Platform, yet the alarming results show that digital skills in the sector are lacking and proving detrimental to charities. The report reveals that digital fundraising skills are low and further opportunities could be lost if the sector refuses to invest in digital skills.  Key findings include: 50% of charities don't have a digital strategy Almost th...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 04 Apr 2017

Four great reasons to become a Fundraising Mentor with TPP

Mentoring someone involves more than just the transfer of advice and information. Those willing to invest their time in developing another fundraising professional get substantial benefits from the partnership. Here’s why… 1. It gives you an opportunity to review your own practices An opportunity that gives you insight into the ideas and approaches of other organisations in the sector is always going to be helpful. Talking things through with your mentee gives you exposure to fresh per...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 30 Mar 2017

Four great reasons to become a Fundraising Mentee with TPP

Being mentored is one of the most valuable and effective development opportunities you can have. Having the guidance and support of an experienced fundraiser can provide you with a fantastic boost to your career. Here’s why… 1. It helps you develop new skills and knowledge Being mentored is a brilliant opportunity to learn from the experience of someone else. They can share their skills and knowledge with you and give you great advice on what you need to learn in order to make the most...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 29 Mar 2017

Misconceptions of Working in a Hospice

Having partnered with and recruited to Hospices for over 20 years, we have a very good understanding of the sector. There are many reasons why Hospices might struggle to recruit; we know how to counter these assumptions and enable you to hire better people. Here are four misconceptions of working in a Hospice: 1. Being in a hospice means that the patient will die soon Receiving hospice care does not mean that death is imminent. The earlier an individual receives hospice care, the more oppo...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 28 Mar 2017

Cystic Fibrosis scoop the £1000 jackpot at the bi-annual BIG TPP Quiz

On Tuesday 21st March, we, TPP, held our 7th Quiz which gives charities the chance to win a £1,000 donation to go towards supporting their beneficiaries. We hosted the night at Balls Brothers with drinks, chips and sweets provided and each team had their very own TPP host to help answer the challenging questions. We had 70 charity employees from 14 charities participate on the night, competing to win the £1000 cheque. The charities included teams from MS International Federation, Nordoff ...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 24 Mar 2017

Donate Easter eggs and treats in our Easter appeal

TPP is partnering with four charities, working in London and the north east, to collect Easter eggs and toys. They are: Demelza Centrepoint Teenage Cancer Trust St Oswald’s Hospice We are collecting Easter eggs and toys to support several charities who will bring smiles to patients and beneficiaries over the Easter period. Our Easter initiative is a great pleasure for us, to help boost the spirits across these charities and hospices over Easter. So if you’re stopping b...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 24 Mar 2017

Importance of Mentoring: TPP’s CEO partakes in speed mentoring session at the Women of the World festival

Mentoring someone involves more than just the transfer of advice and information. Those willing to invest their time in developing, motivating and inspiring other professionals, gain substantial benefits from the partnership. Here at TPP we practice what we preach, as well as implementing our own mentoring scheme by pairing fundraisers to establish and cement mentor and mentee relationships, our CEO, Jayne Morris, is using her experience to offer her expertise at Women of the World festi...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 10 Mar 2017

Is the Chancellor’s £2bn Social care cash injection, simply a gesture devoid of logic?

Chancellor Philip Hammond has pledged a £2bn funding into the current crumbling social care system, across the next three years. The Chancellor said that the cash injection will allow local authorities to ‘act now’, with £1 billion being available between 2017 and 2018, but will it truly have a long-term impact?  The thought process is to enable elderly people to be better supported living at home rather than months on end in a hospital. Any additional funding is welcome in the precarious st...

Author: Rob Muddiman
Published: 09 Mar 2017

15 fabulous female speakers for you on International Women’s Day

With a female CEO and COO here at TPP, we most certainly stand in unity to champion women and are firm believers in arming women with the tools to succeed.  It’s no secret that the vast majority of conferences and events have an all-male line up, and wider calls for diversity have been made vocal, to put an end to the current paucity of female speakers. How can we make a difference? We have highlighted fifteen female speakers across the not for profit sector, that you should be considerin...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 08 Mar 2017

UK government unveils its much-anticipated digital strategy, prioritising skills

As the government launches its post-Brexit Digital Strategy, we highlight the positive steps the government is taking to minimise the skills gap, keeping the UK at the forefront of digital. It’s no secret in the digital realm that the government has recently outlined how we are to combat a skills shortage, by helping adults who lack core digital skills to access free training. The strategy plans to offer digital skills to millions of individuals, charities and businesses by 2020. T...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 03 Mar 2017