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3 tips on effectively managing staff you dislike

You often hear about employees not liking their manager or another team member, but what about direct reports? Are you managing someone that you dislike? Is it performance based or a personal clash? As a manager you have to ensure you are treating them fairly within your team, but this can be difficult when you dislike someone, so this month we have put together 3 tips on effectively managing staff you dislike. Focus on the core of the problem It can be hard when you work closely with some...

Author: Tracey George MIRP
Published: 18 Aug 2017

Landing your dream MarComms & Digital role this summer

Many people think that summer is a bad time to be job hunting, people assume that departments stop working as everyone heads out of the office to enjoy the sunshine, eat ice cream or go on their holidays. However, this assumption is not reality. At TPP we have noticed an uplift in the number of MarComms & Digital jobs and clients are still arranging interviews over August.  We have put together our top tips on helping you find your dream MarComms & Digital job this summer. Make sure...

Author: Kate Maunder
Published: 14 Aug 2017

Is flexibility the key to your happiness?

The summer holidays are upon us and with it, the annual panic of having to juggle work with the additional family commitments that come along with the long summer break. But work life balance isn’t just an issue that affects parents, many of us have commitments outside of work, whether it’s looking after elderly parents, voluntary work, education, pets or just your own health and wellbeing and striking the balance can sometimes feel impossible. In a recent report by Lancaster University fo...

Author: Tanya Graham
Published: 31 Jul 2017

Data opt-out rights could be changing

Following the Care Quality Commission’s new security standards imposed on General Practice last year, the government has set out new proposals to scrap the ‘type 1 opt-out’ rights for patient data. This currently gives patients the right to opt-out of having their confidential data shared outside of their GP practice for purposes beyond their direct care.   A single national opt-out system is to be implemented from March 2018 following the national guardian data review into data protection ...

Author: Rob Muddiman
Published: 20 Jul 2017

Why you should always give candidates feedback after an interview

Job interviews can be a nerve wracking experience for many people and the days or even weeks, waiting to hear feedback can be an agonising period. When candidates finally do hear back from an organisation, it can be a weight off their shoulders. Best-case scenario, the candidate is successful and is chosen for the role in question. However, for every candidate that is successful there will also be at least five or six others that weren’t. The best practice for the remaining candidates is...

Author: Matt Adams
Published: 17 Jul 2017

Curveball interview questions and why you should be using them

Imagine you interview two good candidates for a job; they both have the right qualifications, are equally skilled for the role and answer competency questions well. So how do you distinguish who is the best candidate for the job? More employers are using curveball interview questions for this reason; they are designed to see how the applicant thinks on their feet and answers a question they haven’t prepared for. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions, it’s about the candidat...

Author: Glen Manners
Published: 17 Jul 2017

Why do charities struggle to recruit Trustees?

Recent research revealed by the Third Sector publication echoes the regular struggles and frustrations we hear about from our clients, repeatedly. It’s difficult to find Trustees who can give enough time and it can be onerous finding people with the skills your charity needs. Getting on Board’s recent report suggests a staggering 74% of charities find it difficult to recruit Trustees. The prime issue is becoming too reliant on using their existing network. It is time to step away from your n...

Author: Brigitte Stundner
Published: 23 Jun 2017

What’s next on the cards for the NHS?

The current state of the NHS and what will happen over the next four years is uncertain as pressure mounts on the treatment of the NHS and its staff. Staff pay and ward closures are just a few of the many ongoing issues that the current government will face, as well as the knock-on effects on other areas within the NHS such as general practice and pressures on junior doctors. Over the next five years the Conservatives have promised an extra £8bn for the health service. Policy analysts have ...

Author: Rob Muddiman
Published: 22 Jun 2017

Hot under the collar? Tips to prevent your staff wilting in the heat

We do like to moan about the weather in the UK. It’s always too hot, too cold, the   wrong kind of rain. ​I personally like the heat, but preferably when I am sat beside a pool and don’t have to move! Unfortunately in the UK, public transport and offices often don’t cope well with the heat, trains come to a halt and air conditioning systems that have worked during the coldest months fail. We can’t all take our laptop down to the beach to work for the day, so we have put together our top tips...

Author: Jo Hodge
Published: 22 Jun 2017

10 interview questions you should always ask your candidates

Interviews are designed to let you find out more about the person behind the CV; revealing their personality, level of experience and knowledge and strengths and weaknesses. While you should always include questions tailored to the individual position, the questions below work for roles across all sectors. We’ve included a mix of questions; some of which will allow you to make sure the candidate has done their preparation and researched the role and organisation, and some will help you t...

Author: Sophie Butler
Published: 17 Jun 2017

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