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 We value our environment

We have committed to ensuring that we reduce our environmental impact and continue to improve our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. We believe that organisations are responsible for achieving good environmental practice and should operate in a sustainable manner and we will encourage our stakeholders to do the same. We will work to minimise waste, recycling and reusing, minimising consumption of energy and other natural resources, purchase products that have the least impact on the environment, establish partnerships with like-minded suppliers and maximise the use of e-technology to reduce paper usage throughout the business. 


TPP Recruitment have chosen to work with ClimateCare to offset our carbon emissions with projects that cut carbon and improve lives.

Generating electricity through the burning of fossil fuels emits CO2, contributing to climate change, one of the biggest global challenges we face. In the UK, about 40% of our grid electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels.

As part of our approach to take responsibility for our impact on the environment and in line with our corporate social responsibility plan, we have partnered with climate and sustainable development experts, ClimateCare, to offset carbon emissions associated with our electricity use.

As well as taking actions to reduce our carbon footprint through various recycling initiatives, unavoidable emissions will be offset through projects including two world-leading clean cooking projects in Bangladesh and Ghana. These clean cooking projects not only cut carbon emissions, helping tackle climate change, they improve lives by halving fuel bills for families and reducing exposure to toxic fumes. By cutting fuel requirements the projects also reduce deforestation, protecting precious habitat.

ClimateCare is dedicated to tackling climate change and improving lives. It aims to make our world a climate neutral one – where everyone takes full responsibility for their carbon footprint. ClimateCare helps organisations take responsibility for their climate impact by financing, developing and managing carbon reduction projects across the world. 


Plant a Tree - World Land Trust (WLT)

We are delighted to be supporting World Land Trust's Plant a Tree programme as a corporate partner. 

For every candidate we place in a permanent role or FTC we will plant a tree through World Land Trust's Plant a Tree programme. 

By planting trees we are contributing to global reforestation efforts, restoring lost forests, repairing damaged ecosystems and mitigating climate change. 

For further information on their Plant a Tree programme, visit the World Land Trust website

For further information on our commitment view our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy