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As part of our TPP Giving Back programme (our commitment to supporting the sector), articles by TPP’s consultants regularly appear in both specialist and national publications. As well as sharing our learning and experience, this also helps to demonstrate how TPP’s consultants are experts in their fields.

Below is a selection of recent appearances by TPP:


Best charity trustee recruitment sites
How to perfect recruitment in 2022


7 back-to-basics tips to kick off your diversity & inclusion strategy
Practical steps to improving board diversity
5 questions you should ask in an interview (and 3 you probably shouldn’t)


Board of Diversity? Agenda Consulting 
University Business - Attracting and retaining talented employees in higher education
IRP JULY 2019: Third Sector Recruitment 
Getting on Board - A new practical guide to recruiting trustees
Giving Tuesday - TPP Recruitment case study
How upskilling can give your CV extra sparkle
2019 Salary, Rewards, & Retention Survey - Charities Management 


Civil Society - Nearly 85 per cent of charity workers are looking for a new job  
Digital leaders - How the charity sector can grow the next generation of digital leaders
CharityComms - Tips on preparing to make your next move up to director level
CharityComms - Tips for hitting the mark at your next interview
CharityComms - Take on a trustee role and boost your digital career
Institute of Legacy Management - Salary survey reveals legacy management professionals feel undervalued
Third Sector - Men in legacy fundraising earn 18% more than female colleagues, survey finds


CharityComms- Four ways to upskill in digital
CharityComms - Is your online profile harming your job search?


Third Sector - Recruitment - prepare well when looking for a leader (requires login)
​CFG Handbook 2016 - Looking back on charity finance recruitment in 2016
CFG Handbook 2016 - Avoiding common recruitment errors
IVO - Thoughtful Thursdays - Bridging the gap between HR and Volunteer Management
Memberwise - Recruiting e-learning professionals: trends, tips and typical salaries
MemberwiseRecruitment Trends in the Membership Sector


Third Sector - Recruitment: how to find fundraisers from other sectors
Third Sector - The gender pay gap in charities is worse than the national average for all sectors
Third Force News - Third sector worst for gender pay gap
​Civil Society - Gender pay gap in the voluntary sector is 16.7 per cent, report claims
Social CEOs guide - How CEOs can use social media for cultural change
Third Sector - Tips to further your career in not-for-profit HR
Civil Society - How to make your charity a great place to work: lessons from charity HR professionals
Institute of Fundraising - IoF Ask the Expert 'Best You Can Be' series - Imogen Ward & Rob Hayter
Third Sector - Three steps to becoming an indispensable digital marketer
Recruitment Grapevine - Grown-up recruitment: Third sector first for employee wellbeing
Third Sector - Senior fundraisers’ salaries rise by 5.7% says TPP Recruitment
UK Fundraising Fundraisers’ salaries ‘static’ over past year
Third Sector - Pay for marketing and communications roles has grown unevenly, says Charity Comms report (requires login)
Civil Society - Male charity communications professionals paid an average of 10 per cent more than female​
CharityComms - Salary survey suggests comms is more valued​
IoF Blog - Jump and stretch...
Guardian - How to get a job in the third sector
City Action - Meet the Expert: Digital Marketing
Third Sector - How to demonstrate your value to employers
Third Sector - Careers Briefing Roundup: Getting ahead in fundraising
JustGiving blog - Why your charity’s culture is critical for digital success
CFG Finance Focus - Avoiding common recruitment errors (requires login)
CharityComms - Team talk: our guide to comms team structures


CFG Finance Focus - Vitae Vitals: Three Golden Rules for Director-Level CVs (requires login)
Institute of Fundraising - Fundraising Salaries drop by 3%
Evening Standard - Demand for fundraisers on the rise
Third Sector - Fundraiser salaries fell slightly over the past year, survey finds
PR Week - Charity comms pay gap widens as average pay falls for junior roles
Third Sector - Animal and international aid charities 'pay their communications executives the most'
CharityComms - Salary survey results 2014
Charity Finance Magazine - Finance Team Survey 2014: Road to recovery
UK Recruiter newsletter - Stats - Employment in the Voluntary Sector
Evening Standard - Swapping over to the other side
CharityComms - We can make you feel good - moving to the charity sector
Recruiter Magazine - Sector Analysis Charity/Third sector
Recruitment International - Charity Focus: Navigating Change in the Third Sector
Charity Times - Sector Staffing


Recruitment International - TPP gains audited status
Third Sector - Female fundraisers paid 12 per cent less than men, survey shows
Chameleon - How digital employees fit within charities
Charity Finance Magazine - Silver linings: Finance Team Survey 2013
KnowHow NonProfit - How to manage your LinkedIn company page
Civil Society - Senior charity comms staff pay soars while assistants' remains stagnant
Guardian Careers - Jobs surgery: finding and applying for roles in the not-for-profit sector
Evening Standard - Where there's a skill there's a way
Charity Times - First-ever winners of the Partners in Fundraising Awards announced
NGOJobs - Trends in International Development Jobs
Recruiter - Second office for third sector specialist TPP
UK Fundraising - TPP expands regional recruitment service with new office


IoF London Blog - Using LinkedIn to find your next fundraising job
Charity Finance Magazine - Charity Finance Function Survey 2012: Running on empty
UK Fundraising - TPP Fundraising Salary Survey 2012 published
Guardian Voluntary Sector Network - Results of fundraising salary survey 2012
Charity Times - Third sector workers want better work-life balance, says survey
KnowHow NonProfit - How to avoid illegal or innapropriate interview questions - Becoming a Trustee May Open Up New Job Opportunities
Bond Opportunities - Recruitment Trends in International Development
Guardian Voluntary Sector Network - How to get hired as a head of fundraising
Recruiter - Agency websites lag behind mobile trends
Guardian Voluntary Sector Network - Professional development for charity finance staff


Guardian Voluntary Sector Network - Live Q&A: Charity careers in social media
Guardian Voluntary Sector Network - How to get a job in charity social media
KnowHow NonProfit - How to increase diversity among trustees
Guardian Voluntary Sector Network - Live Q&A: Matching trustees and charities
Guardian Voluntary Sector Network - Live Q&A: Professional development for communications staff
Bond Opportunities - Bridging the skills gap in programmmes staff
GAAPweb - Working in Finance for a Charity
Civil Society Fundraising - Bursary offered for major donor fundraiser
UK Fundraising - New bursary announced for major donor fundraisers
Charity Finance - Charity Finance Function Survey 2011: Turning the corner
Third Sector Social Media Convention - Top 5 Myths About Social Recruitment
Bond Opportunities - International Development: The Road to the Top
KnowHow NonProfit - How to write a job description and person specification


UK Fundraising - Recession changing the structure of the fundraising profession
Charity Insight - Entry level roles disappearing in fundraising, reveals survey
Civil Society Fundraising - Less experienced fundraisers in wake of recession, survey finds
Institute of Fundraising - Rob Hayter: Why should a fundraiser consider doing a professional fundraising qualification? 
Institute of Fundraising -  Jayne Morris: Can a Qualification Really Improve your Fundraising Ability? 
KnowHow NonProfit -  Fundraising jobs: an introduction
UK Fundraising - Fundraisers innovating to combat recession
KnowHow NonProfit - Volunteering overseas: the pros and cons
Charity Finance - Charity Finance Function Survey 2010: Cutting one's cloth - Nursing for a Charity can be Highly Rewarding 


OnRec - TPP - Putting the PPL back into Principles
Personnel Today - Charities cut temp staff to cover extra VAT costs
Exit Interviews in Charity and Public Sectors
Guardian Careers - Breaking into the third sector
Guardian Careers - Finding an agency to help get a job in the 3rd Sector