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Temp onboarding

TPP onboarding, timesheets and payroll

If you are temping with TPP Recruitment you will have received a temporary worker onboarding email with a link, password and instructions on setting up your profile for our secure timesheet portal.  Look out for email subject “TPP New Timesheet Portal Account” – please check junk folders if you have not received this email and ensure you add this address to your trusted contacts list. 

For further details on how to use the portal, please look at our Timesheet Portal User Guide.

You will be required to input details such as:

  • Bank details
  • National Insurance number
  • HMRC tax questions
  • Student loan status
  • Gender (required for Gender Pay Gap & HMRC reporting purposes)
  • Date of birth (required for pension & HMRC reporting purposes)
  • If your previous employer provided you with a P45 (dated in the current tax year) please send it in to your TPP Consultant

Should any of the above details change, please get in touch with your TPP Consultant

As a temporary worker for TPP you are required to submit your timesheet online by no later than Monday 2pm.

Upon submission, your timesheet will automatically be sent to your selected approver.  If approved by Monday 4pm, the net payment will reach your account by that Friday (i.e. the Friday following the week worked).  Payment for timesheets authorised after 4pm on a Monday may be delayed.

To submit your hours, please visit or click through on the reminder emails sent from the portal.


The password to open your payslip is the first 4 characters of your first name, excluding any spaces & dots and starting with a capital letter, followed by your date of birth in YYMM format.

For example:

  • If your name is Joseph Bloggs and your date of birth is 09/08/1950, your password will be Jose5008

If you have any questions about your TPP onboarding, timesheet or payroll, please contact our accounts team on or   020 7198 6190.