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Temping FAQ


Regulations & Compliance

TPP onboarding, timesheets and payroll

Holiday Pay explained

Tax & P45's explained


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If this FAQ has not answered your question, please email and we will do our best to assist.

Working with TPP

Your availability

Please keep in regular contact with your Consultant to let them know your availability this will ensure you are contacted with relevant temporary assignments.

If you find work elsewhere, please let your Consultant know.

What happens when I accept an assignment?

When offered an assignment you will be told the following:

  • The skills required for the assignment

  • The duration of the assignment

  • Working hours required

  • Hourly Pay Rate (excluding holiday pay)

  • Location of the company

  • Nature of organisation

  • Line Manager/point of contact

Once you have accepted the assignment you must endeavour to complete the booking. If you have any problems or queries during the assignment then talk to your Consultant who placed you.

Check in with your Consultant on your first day, if possible, with your direct line number so we can contact you easily should we need to.

What if I am sick or running late?

If for any reason you are sick or running late then please call your Consultant before you are due to start work that day so that they can inform the client with as much notice as possible.

Code of Conduct

Please refer to our Code of Conduct - if you have any questions relating to our Code of Conduct, please speak to your Consultant.


One of the main concerns our clients have when booking a temporary worker is whether they will turn up on time. While we understand that lateness is sometimes unavoidable, it will be harder for us to place you in assignments if you are consistently late, so please do your best to be punctual. Always plan your journey in advance and make sure you know exactly where you’re going.

If you are unavoidably delayed, please call your Consultant ASAP to let them know – avoid emailing or texting as these can be missed.

Regulations & Compliance

Health and Safety

Please take all reasonable steps to ensure your own safety and the safety of others that may be affected by your actions at work.

Occupational Health

Your safety and welfare at work is of the utmost importance to us. We have put together a guide to ensure you know all the proper guidelines of how to reduce the risk of RSI and other ailments that can arise from office based working.

Please click on the following link to download our occupational health guidelines

Useful Links

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

The Institution was founded in 1945 and is an independent, non-profit organisation that sets professional standards, supports and develops members and provides authoritative advice and guidance on health and safety issues. IOSH is formally recognised by the ILO as an international non-governmental organisation.

Health and Safety Executive

Government Funded organisation that gives Health and Safety advice. Their mission is to prevent death, injury and ill health in Great Britain's Workplace through research, information and advice, promoting training, new or revised regulations and code of practice, inspection, investigation and enforcement.

Agency Worker Regulations

The Agency Worker Regulations came into force on 1 October 2011. The main aims of the AWR are to award temporary agency workers the same basic pay & working conditions as a comparable, permanent employee who would have been hired on day 1 of the assignment , ie. a permanent or direct hire employee doing the same or similar role.

There are certain Day 1 rights such as use of facilities and access to information on permanent jobs, but the main rights are applicable after 12 continuous weeks in the same role at the same organisation (there are allowances for sick/annual leave or compulsory closure of client premises).

Pay includes:

  • Basic pay based on annual salary broken down to an hourly equivalent

  • Overtime payments

  • Payment for annual leave (over and above the statutory minimum of 5.6 weeks which all temps currently accrue)

  • Bonus or commission directly attributable to the amount or quality of work done by an individual

  • Pay excludes:

  • Occupational pension & sick pay

  • Redundancy pay or notice pay

  • The majority of benefits in kind

  • Bonuses not directly linked to performance of individual

The above summarises the main points that are likely to be encountered, but if you have specific queries please contact our accounts team on or 020 7198 6190.

Safeguarding Compliance / DBS Checks

If you are looking to work with young people or vulnerable adults then there are additional checks that TPP perform in order to meet REC Audited compliance and safeguarding criteria.

We have listed the main ones below, however on some occasions we may ask for additional information if requested by the client.

DBS Check

We can carry out an enhanced DBS check for you if you do not have a valid DBS currently. This is at a cost of £46.16 and once received you can register the certificate on the DBS update service for an annual cost of £13 which will ensure your certificate remains valid and can be transferred between organisations.

In order to carry out a DBS check we will need to see several documents at registration, as well as a 5 year address history plus proof of name changes and/or nationalities if applicable. For a full list of the documents required please ask your Consultant when arranging a registration meeting.

If you already have a DBS check which is registered on the DBS update service, please bring along a copy of your DBS as well as ensure that you have signed the declaration on our online registration forms.

If you have a DBS check which is not on the update service then please still bring along your DBS as some organisations may accept it if it is less than a year old, but please be aware you may be required to complete a new application. If this is the case please ensure that you register your new certificate on the DBS update service to prevent having to get repeated certificates.

For any questions relating to DBS checks or the update service, please contact your Consultant.

Disqualification by Association

If you are working with an Ofsted registered organisation with children under the age of 8 years old, then you will need to complete a short form answering questions (to the best of your knowledge) around yourself and people that live in your household.

The answers to these questions will be confidential; however some answers may affect your ability to work with children under the age of 8 until Ofsted have vetted your circumstances.

For more information on this, please speak to your Consultant.


When you register as a temporary worker with TPP,  we will need at least 2 references covering the last 12 months.

For example:

If you have worked for an employer for the last 3 years, we will need a reference from them plus a reference from another previous employer or a character reference.

If you have worked for 4 different companies in the last 12 months, we will need references from all 4 employers.

Depending on the role and whether you are working with children or vulnerable adults you may need to supply references covering the last 3 or 5 years.

Where applicable TPP may accept academic, volunteering or character references.

TPP onboarding, timesheets and payroll

If you are temping with TPP Recruitment you will have received a temporary worker onboarding email with a link, password and instructions on setting up your profile for our secure timesheet portal.  Look out for email subject “TPP New Timesheet Portal Account” – please check junk folders if you have not received this email and ensure you add this address to your trusted contacts list.  You will be required to input details such as:

  • Bank details

  • National Insurance number

  • HMRC tax questions

  • Student loan status

  • Gender (required for Gender Pay Gap & HMRC reporting purposes)

  • Date of birth (required for pension & HMRC reporting purposes)

  • If your previous employer provided you with a P45 (dated in the current tax year) please send it in to your TPP Consultant)

Should any of the above details change, please get in touch with your TPP Consultant

As a temporary worker for TPP you are required to submit your timesheet online by no later than Monday 2pm.

Upon submission, your timesheet will automatically be sent to your selected approver.  If approved by Monday 4pm, the net payment will reach your account by that Friday (i.e. the Friday following the week worked).  Payment for timesheets authorised after 4pm on a Monday may be delayed.

To submit your hours, please visit or click through on the reminder emails sent from the portal.


The password to open your payslip is the first 4 characters of your first name, excluding any spaces & dots and starting with a capital letter, followed by your date of birth in YYMM format.

For example:

  • If your name is Joseph Bloggs and your date of birth is 09/08/1950, your password will be Jose5008

Am I entitled to sick pay?

Subject to certain qualifying criteria, you may be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay. Please contact your consultant for further information

If you have any questions about your TPP onboarding, timesheet or payroll, please contact our accounts team on or 020 7198 6190.

Holiday Pay explained

Holiday is accrued at 12.07% of your basic hourly pay rate – which represents 28 days inclusive of UK Bank Holidays.  This is accumulated in addition to your basic pay rate and is available for you to take when you are not working.

A breakdown of your holiday entitlement will be shown on your payslip each week. Please contact the payroll department on 020 7198 6190 if you have any queries with regards to this.

If you are taking holiday and want to request this as paid leave, you must submit your application for leave online via at least one week IN ADVANCE of taking leave.

Please note that Bank Holidays are part of your statutory holiday entitlement, and will also need to be applied for online. If at the time of requesting holiday you have not accrued enough holiday pay to cover the full period of your leave we will pay out everything that you have accrued so far.


Say you earn £10 per hour, and you work 35 hours in a week, holiday accrued will be 12.07% of your gross pay for that week, in this case £350.00. Therefore, in this example the holiday amount which will be accrued for you will be £42.25.

Please note we will not be able to process holiday pay requested after your leave has been taken.  When submitting holiday requests via please submit separate leave bookings for separate weeks,  it helps us process your leave accurately.

Example: if you want a Friday off, and the following Monday – please submit those as two separate bookings.  

Statutory holiday pay not used by the end of the holiday year (January to December) will not be carried over to the next year.

Please contact our accounts team for any queries relating to holiday pay at or call 020 7198 6190.

Tax & P45's explained

Where possible please request a P45 from your previous employer. Each time you terminate employment during the tax year you should ask the organisation to provide you with a P45 to ensure continuity of the calculation of your annual income between 6 April to the following 5 April (the UK Tax year). If you provide us with a P45 dated within the current tax year, we can continue to use the tax code stated on it from the first pay day of your first assignment with TPP Recruitment. 

You will also be required to complete the “Employment Details” section of your timesheet portal profile. Our payroll team will be able to allocate a tax code to you depending on the box you tick, i.e. box A, B or C. HM Revenue & Customs may in turn send us a Notice of Coding which will tell us what your correct tax code or year to date earnings and tax paid to date is according to their records.   Please note that TPP Recruitment can only change tax codes based on instructions received directly from HMRC, so if you believe your code is incorrect or the tax you are paying is wrong, please contact HMRC directly.

If you require a P45 from your work with us at TPP Recruitment, you must request this via the Consultant you worked for or direct to payroll on 020 7198 6190. 

We do not send P45s automatically upon completion of an assignment.   However, we do from time to time process P45s if temporary staff have not worked for TPP Recruitment in the past 3 months.  This will not mean you will not be considered for roles and is purely an exercise in keeping our payroll numbers up to date.

TPP’s tax office reference is 120/JB02803. If your tax code has the letter “Y” at the end it is an emergency tax code, which means you'll pay tax on all your income above the basic personal allowance (not taking any other earnings or tax paid year to date into account).  You may be put on an emergency tax code if you've started a new job or working for an employer after being self-employed.

HMRC regularly update their contact details so please visit for further information. If you have any queries regarding tax or NI please contact our accounts team on or 020 7198 6190.

We hope this information is of assistance and has been provided to help with common queries that temporary workers have in relation to pay and tax calculations.


TPP are pleased to advise that temporary workers are eligible for auto-enrolment into our Workplace Pension Scheme. The scheme, through NOW:Pensions, has been selected on the advice of a specialist Pensions Advisor. We believe it will suit the needs of our temporary worker, and perform well with minimal risk involved.

Please note eligibility & enrolment onto the scheme depends on a number of qualifying criteria, so please feel to get in touch with us if you have any queries.

Should you wish to speak to NOW:Pensions directly, their member support number is 0330 100 3334 and TPP's scheme reference is C93S.

Why have I been enrolled in the pension scheme?

Automatic enrolment is a Government initiative to help more people save for later life through a pension scheme at work. It makes it compulsory for employers to automatically enrol their eligible workers into a pension scheme. The employer must also pay money into the scheme. 

How do I opt out of the pension scheme?

Following government legislation, every employee has a one calendar month period after being auto enrolled into a pension scheme, where they can choose to opt out. An employee can also opt out outside this period, but may not be eligible for a short service refund.

For details on how to opt out, visit the NOW:Pensions website.

If you would like more information, please contact our accounts team on or 020 7198 6190.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or comments regarding your booking assignment, please contact your consultant. You can find your Consultant contact details for on the Meet the Team pages.

For any general queries about onboarding, pay, tax etc, please contact our accounts team on or 020 7198 6190.