Post interview follow-up

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Veronica Chandler

By Veronica Chandler

Feeling unsure about how to proceed with your post interview feedback? 

You may find yourself uncertain about the most effective approach for following up after an interview. Regardless of whether you are working with a recruitment agency or talking directly to the hiring team, it is important to know the most effective methods for following up after an interview in these scenarios.

So why is it important to follow-up?

Following up post interview demonstrates you are enthusiastic about the opportunity and the organisation. It goes beyond a simple “thank you” and shows that you are genuinely invested in the position. 

It also provides an opportunity for you to address and acknowledge that there may be information you didn’t adequately provide, for example if there were any specific questions or topics you felt you could have covered in more detail or elaborate on, you can provide more information and highlight your capabilities. If you feel there is additional information that further highlights your skills and experiences or qualifications relative to the role, then pass this onto your recruitment consultant or hiring manager.

Here are some tips on how to effectively follow up post interview. 

Send a thank you email

Send a thank you email approximately 24 hours after the interview expressing your appreciation for the opportunity and for their time. This shows you are appreciative of the opportunity and still interested in the job.  It will help you stand out from the other candidates who may not have taken the time to do this.

Reiterate your interest 

Emphasise your enthusiasm by confirming your continued interest in the position, and briefly highlight how your skills and experience align with the job requirements. 

Inquire about the next steps

Politely inquire about the next steps in the hiring process, remember to have a polite and professional tone. This will demonstrate your understanding of the processes and your readiness to move forward. Ask about the expected time period for the next stage or a decision.  Do however, make sure to check that you have not already been provided with this information.

Express flexibility

Show flexibility and a willingness to supply any additional information requested by the employer. This demonstrates a cooperative and proactive attitude in meeting their specific requirements.

Be patient

Understanding that the hiring process can take time is important. It involves thoroughly assessing all candidates and making well-informed decisions. This process often includes several interview rounds and discussions among hiring managers.

Remember, showing patience is a sign of professionalism. It demonstrates your understanding and respect for the employer's timeline. Employers appreciate candidates who are patient, professional, and respectful of their time.

Follow-up timing

After having interviews with multiple individuals, you could send a thank you email expressing appreciation for the opportunity and restating your interest in the position. It’s crucial to wait for a suitable duration before reaching out for an update on the status of your application. Again, do check that you were not already told about the timeframe for hearing back post interview.

Remain positive

Maintain a positive and friendly tone in your follow-up messages. Even if you do not secure the job, express gratitude for the opportunity and ask for feedback, this can be useful for future interviews. 

In summary, demonstrating your enthusiasm, expressing gratitude, and maintaining a positive attitude after an interview are crucial. These actions not only underscore your suitability for the job but also cultivate a positive impression in the competitive job market. Keep in mind, your positive follow-up can leave a lasting and favourable impression, potentially opening doors to exciting future opportunities.

Remember, your TPP Consultant will feedback on interviews once we hear back from the client and will always endeavour to share constructive feedback so that you are able to perform at your best every time you secure an interview. If you have any questions about the process or would like further career advice, contact your consultant on 020 7198 6000.

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