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Four great reasons to become a Fundraising Mentor with TPP

Mentoring someone involves more than just the transfer of advice and information. Those willing to invest their time in developing another fundraising professional get substantial benefits from the partnership. Here’s why…

1.It gives you an opportunity to review your own practices

An opportunity that gives you insight into the ideas and approaches of other organisations in the sector is always going to be helpful. Talking things through with your mentee gives you exposure to fresh perspectives and is a great opportunity to review your own goals and methods.

2.It helps build your professional network

The fundraiser you are mentoring today could be a really valuable contact in the future, and someone who will always be favourably disposed towards you! Mentoring also enhances your own reputation with your peers, as it provides recognition that you have expertise within your subject with opinions and advice worth sharing.

3.It provides great personal satisfaction

Most people who work in the third sector are highly motivated by personal satisfaction; that feeling of ‘giving something back’. Supporting the professional development of others can provide great personal satisfaction, as well as providing a welcome break from the day-to-day routine.

4.It builds interpersonal and management skills

Many of the skills you use in mentoring an individual are the same as you’ll need to manage and motivate a successful fundraising team. Active listening, problem solving, the ability to set goals and encourage others to achieve them are all key skills you need to be able to demonstrate as you move up the career ladder.

TPP’s Fundraising & Development team run a highly successful scheme matching fundraising mentors and mentees.

Find out more about the scheme

TPP are running a 2-minute survey to try and judge how popular mentoring schemes are within the sector. If you could help us by filling in our survey, we would really appreciate it.