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Mentoring Programme

TPP's Fundraising Mentoring ServiceTPP Giving Back - free fundraising mentorship programme

TPP speak to fundraisers every day and have an extremely wide network of professionals in the sector. We are constantly looking for ways to help support these professionals in their personal development and that's why we created our mentoring programme.

As part of our “Giving Back” initiative, our service matches fundraising professionals in the sector, based on their development needs, creating mentor and mentee relationships. Since our launch 18 months ago, we have successfully matched 16 mentors and mentees and we’re always interested in hearing from fundraisers who would like to take part.

Some of the comments from our past mentees:

“Good to get feedback and support from such an experienced individual.”

​“Encouraged me to try new ideas and fundraising techniques that I wouldn't have tried otherwise.”

“It's great to have someone to bounce ideas off of, who I can send a quick email to for a second opinion and get a quick response from.”

“It has been so helpful for me to have someone with a wealth of fundraising experience to turn to when I need advice, offering me some consistency and support.”

“Discussing ideas with my mentor has given me the confidence to put my ideas forward and make suggestions for where I think things can be improved; to challenge ways of doing things where I think there is a better way to do them or a new method that we should try.”

You can view further information on our fundraising mentoring programme here. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, please contact our fundraising team on or 020 7198 6040.